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So E3 kicked off on Saturday night with one of my favourites EA. I know that not everyone is a fan of EA however, it is a company whose games I actually really enjoy. Fifa is a game that in fact I have bought every year that I have owned a console. So I was hoping for plenty of Fifa details and hopefully some Madden and Star Wars info, I have to admit I really wasn't disappointed.

Battlefield V
It kicked off with a little bit more info on Battlefield V, now Battlefield is a game I have never actually bothered with and I don't know why but I always pick copies of the game up but put them straight back down. One thing I am enjoying about this game is the no loot boxes and no premium pass, I never get games DLC as I just can't bring myself to pay the prices charge for them so that fact you don't get a premium pass in Battlefield V is a decent selling point. After watching this at the conference and a few times on YouTube this may be the first Battlefield game I actually pickup. I can say though if I do get it I definitely won't be playing the battle royale mode as that side really doesn't appeal to me.

Fifa 19
It has only taken until Fifa 19, but finally they have gained rights to the UEFA Champions League meaning a more authentic experience. I can't wait to see this added into The Journey and career modes. It is even getting added into Ultimate Team and as a stand alone mode. I can't wait to take Bradford City to the Champions League final for a change. Everyone dreams of having their team lift that trophy and now it is possible with Fifa 19. They mentioned more info coming in the summer which I am really looking forward to.
Along with the details on Fifa 19, they also gave more information on the FREE World Cup update, where you can play as any country... yes even those who didn't qualify such as USA and Ireland. Who knows I could even have England win the World Cup again because realistically who knows when it will happen again in real life. Fifa 19 is released on 28th September 2018, so I know what I will be doing that day.

Star Wars Battlefront 2
Now this is a game I am currently working on reviewing and so far I am undecided. Fair play to them they came out and admitted they had got things wrong and it hadn't gone wrong. In the time since its release they have done more to the game but from the conference what I am really looking forward to is the addition of General Grievous, Obi Wan Kenobi, Count Duku and of course Anakin Skywalker. Overall I am just looking forward to the addition of the Clone wars, which they say is bringing their largest level.

Unravel 2
I was never really tempted by the first Unravel game, but after looking at Unravel 2 I may have to take a look at getting it and the moving onto 2. It just looks far too cute. You can play Unravel 2 as single player or co-op however, there is always 2 characters sharing the screen. According to the developers this game is more playful but also more challenging and honestly it does look good whether you are playing solo or co-op. This game was actually released on the day of the conference too so why not give it a try for yourself.

Sea of Solitude
This game shows how humans turn into monsters when they are lonely,something that the developers say is going to be relatable and connectable to everyone. In this game a young woman becomes a monster and you have to find a way of getting her human again. Just like in life it is all about getting the balance just right. The games is coming early 2019 and I will definitely be getting this one.

NBA Live 19 & Madden 19
I would have honestly loved to have seen more than just the trailer for this as I really want to try a basketball game other than NBA 2K19. In regards to Madden I am a fairly big NFL fan who has played the NFL games on and off for quite a few years now. The trailer looked brilliant and if I can afford it I think I will get this one this year. Madden is also back on PC this year so who knows I may be able to get it for my laptop so I can play on the go.

Command & Conquer Rivals
I have been on the look out for a decent mobile game for when I am in the car or on my lunch break. Then EA came out with Command & Conquer rivals and to be honest I aren't sure if this is one I will download or not. You can pre-register now if you are on Android. The game is a quick head to head skill and strategy game, which could be quite fun on the go. I think this could be one of those games where I get it and see how it goes.

Now this is something I wouldn't usually pick up but the more I see it the more I am tempted, just from the trailer I wanted to get it on day one but I think I am going to wait until just a few more details come out before release. It is a shared world where the story is on choices you make. It is a living shared world meaning everyone is seeing the same thing. The game is primarily single player when you head back to base and this is apparently where the story develops for your character. The good thing about this is the creative team has said there is room for more story for years to come, meaning you should hopefully get your monies worth. Throughout the game there are a variety of creatures and it is mean to feel alive by the changing seasons and the addition of storms. There will be purchasable items but we were assured these wont pay for power / game play advantage. With the choice of 4 javelins (characters) which are customisable there really should be something for everyone, I could see Storm being my favourite. The best thing for me is that you can still play this alone if you want to as I don't really like playing with other, granted this will be more challenging but I think it could be my main way of playing it. I can't wait to see what else is said about this game before its release in 2019.

Personally I was quite impressed with what EA showed and I can't wait to pick up most of these games and give them a try. What did you think to the EA conference?

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