Last Week #5

What a week last week was Lauren Jauregui performed on Halsey's tour and sung 3 solo songs, I already can't wait for the album and release of these songs. Her new logo has already made it as my laptop background, she is just amazing and her vocals just get better and better. E3 also kicked off and it has been great seeing all the announcements and watching the conferences. I also had plenty of new ideas for the blog and future plans. So here is what I had been...

Been watching : I watched a fair bit of YouTube over the week but Saturday is where I actually sat down and watched E3, to be honest this is my first year following it properly and I am loving it.

Been playing : I hadn't played anything last week, it was a mix of doing things around the house and the fact it took forever to update both the PS4 and Xbox then the games I actually wanted to play. 

Been reading :  All I actually read all week were the PlayStation and Xbox magazines. I am actually really enjoying picking them up once again, I am really tempted to get subscribed to them.

Been listening to : Lauren Jauregui's 3 solo songs have been on repeat and they aren;t even released studio versions yet, just YouTube videos that people have posted from Halsey's tour. 

Bought : I have been good for a change and due to not going out I haven't actually bought anything. Although that could change this week.

Plans for this week : I will be getting all my E3 posts up for the conferences I have watched. So expect new content every week day for that. I am also hoping Doom is updated at last so I can get playing that.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon,
TNG Games

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