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I was actually really looking forward to the Square Enix conference at this years E3, however when it ended after around 30 minutes I was a little disappointed as I was honestly expecting it to be a bit longer. When I got up from my desk after just half an hour Liam asked why I wasn't watching and I don't think he could quite believe it had finished when I told him. So here is my thoughts on what the conference had to offer.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

I have had my eye on Shadow of the Tomb Raider since it was first announced. I used to love playing the Tomb Raider games and currently have a backlog of them to get through. From what was show during the conference it is making me want to go through and actually play them all. The game looks fantastic although I am terrible at stealth sort of games, it could be something I pick up. Apparently it is deadlier and has the biggest hub so that could make the game a lot more interesting for me.

Final Fantasy 14 x Monster Hunter World

2 games I have never played and honestly I don't know if I would play them. This was something that was only briefly shown, therefore I would really need to look into it more before deciding if it was something to give a go or not. But as it stands it would be a no go for me.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Now this was a game that I couldn't wait for, originally first shown during the Xbox conference I couldn't wait find out more. This game is going to be free and is a part of the expanding Life is Strange universe. Life is Strange is one of the games I have actually sat and completed lately so seeing an extension of the universe is brilliant. We also found out that some of the characters and choices will carry over in Life is Strange 2. It is due out 26th June 2018 and is only rumoured to be a few hours long but I really can't wait.

Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest is another game that I have never given a chance but after seeing it at E3, I think I may actually give it a go, it looked like the sort of game I could easily get into.

Babylons Fall
This game looked like something I could see Liam playing more than me but after watching it a few more times I think I may have to pick it up and give it a go for myself. i can't wait to hear more details about this.

Neir: Automata
Neir is coming to the Xbox this month. Now this is a game I pick up every time I see it but then put back more or less straight away as I aren't sure it is the game for me. However, I think I am actually going to look a little more into it and see how I feel after, who knows I may actually pick up a copy at last.

Octopath Traveler
Now this is a game I really liked the look of, the only issue is I would need to get a Switch to play it. But with more and more games being announced for the Switch I think it is finally time I started properly saving to get one. Then this will definitely be bought. 

Just Cause 4
Yet another series I have never tried. But Liam has assured me it could be one I would really get into. Just waiting this at the conference along with what Liam has told me, has made me want to go pick up the previous games and get through them before Just Cause 4 is released. Apparently this game consists of the largest world yet and includes a bit more of a variety of history, secrets and danger.  The game will also include extreme weather such as tornados, lightening, sandstorms and blizzards. They have also added more vehicles into the game, which I look forward to testing out when I pick up a copy, hopefully on release which is December 4th 2018.

The Quiet Man
Not much was shown about this but what I saw I really liked the look of. We are going to get more information on this in August which I am really looking forward to.

Kingdom Hearts 3
It seems like this game has been mentioned forever but now it finally has a release date on January 29th 2019.  The trailer for this game looked amazing and I have actually bought Remix 1.5 and 2.5 to get me ready for the release of 3. I can't believe it is a game I haven't played before seen as I am Disney obsessed. The best thing about this for me is seeing Frozen in the game especially my favourite Olaf. I am really excited to play remix 1.5 and 2.5 and I can't wait for the release of KH3. 

So there you have it those are my thoughts on Square Enix @ E3, if you want to read what I thought of EA then just click here.
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