New Phone and Accessories Haul

iphone 8 and accessories haul

I have finally done it, I have got my new phone. I was tempted to opt for a Razer phone like Liam, then a Google Pixel 2 but after a bit of research and looking around I decided it was time to head back to Apple and grabbed an iPhone 8. Obviously half the fun of getting a new phone is getting new accessories to go with it and to be honest I have gone a little overboard. So here is what I have got so far...

new iphone 8

Obviously first up is my phone which is the iPhone 8 in space grey. I was tempted to pick up it in red or white but the space grey just looked so much nicer and more me if that makes any sense. I won't go into too much about this though as I am currently planning on a few other posts to do with this so keep your eyes on the blog for that.

spigen, tortoise, incase iphone 8

Anyone who knows me knows how much of a liability I am. I trip up over fresh air and end up dropping my devices. My old phone is cracked, my iPad is cracked and my Surface is cracked. I have promised my self I will take more care with this one and do my best to keep it protected. To do so I got stocked up on a variety of cases. I got a clear and matte black one from Spigen, I am currently using the clear one and it seems to be pretty strong but I guess only time will tell. I also got this Tortoise hard shell case, for if I am going on site with work or going somewhere it is likely to be dropped, that extra protection could end up making a lot of difference for me. I also picked up this pink Incase softer case for the phone, with my S7 edge I just had one case on all the time however, I am hoping to get a little collection of cases so I can switch them around whenever I feel like it. I have my eye on a few different designs at the moment. There may be a few cases appear on the blog in the future.

mophie goji, wireless chargers

I never used the wireless charging feature on my S7 but with my new phone I really wanted to give it a good try. So I picked up the Mophie wireless charging base (£29.99) and the Goji charging pad (£19.99) these were on 3 for 2 at Carphone Warehouse so I got them along with my pink case. I can't wait to try these out one will be on my desk at home and the other on my desk at work, it just means I won't have to carry my charger everywhere with me. I will be doing full reviews on both of these and a comparison post once I have used them quite a bit so keep an eye out for those posts.

jbl go speaker, tortoise screen protector

Finally I picked up a Tortoise screen protector in hopes of looking after my screen a little more, I am really hoping it works because with me being such a liability it is definitely needed. I haven't used a screen protector in ages but it is about time I changed that. I also picked up this JBL Go speaker for £19.99. My Beats pill is currently dented and will only work when plugged in, so I needed something new for when I decided to be out in the garden. That is why I picked up this JBL Go as it is so small so it is going to be super easy to go in and out of the house with. Again this is something I will be reviewing very soon.

Can you recommend any other accessories I should get?

See you soon,

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