Games Room Part 2

games zone

We have finally got the games room to a decent point where I am happy to show the progress. Although it is not fully done yet there honestly isn't that much left to do. Literally all the big work is done and I can't wait until it is actually complete. At the moment gaming has taken a back burner to either getting jobs done or getting out of the house, which is stressing me as parts don't seem to be getting anywhere. There has also been the nice weather which has made that room to warm to sit in. So here is how it is looking at the moment. I will do more close ups when the room is done.

games room update

 So as you walk into the room, the right hand wall is still empty as we need to decide on the art work we want to add as well as hang what we already have. Directly in front of you as you walk in is my desk. This is mainly used for blogging and watching YouTube at the moment as my computer is refusing to run games properly at the moment, I need to invest in a new screen too so I don't have to split screen when blogging and watching videos. Above my desk is my whiteboard where I plan what post is going up and keep track of things coming up. I also have a little to do list on here and a list of reviews to get up. 

To the left of my desk on this little bit of a wall we have the WWE calendar and a cute little Harry Potter quote light, we also have our smart meter on here and a picture of me and Liam. Next up is Liam's desk with his 2 monitors that I am jealous of. He also has a whiteboard above his desk (I don't even know what the stuff on it means) and a cute Harry Potter frame we need to fill. Over here is also the games chair with my giant Stitch and a couple of boxes with comics and magazines in, this is also where I keep my 3DS and iPad.

The only thing left to do over here is add the shelves for our collectables that will go all around the top of the wall. 

games room update

 Behind Liam's desk we have his Destiny Loot Crate, a lot of soft toys and a big Pokemon pillow. In the storage box we have a load of spare blankets and my dressing gown in case it gets cold. Then we have my record player and records, this is just a temporary home for these as they will eventually be moved into the dressing room when it is done. Then we just have a box full of accessories for my consoles and some pictures we are ready to find a home for.

We just need to hang the blind and fill the windowsill over here and we are done.

console set upconsole set up

Now onto my favourite part. The big bookcase is currently filled with PS4, Xbox One and Wii games along with a few books and DVD's. Soon enough this will just be games and the books will be moved to a different place. We then have our TV unit which is full of collectables, card games, the PS4, Xbox One and Wii. Once the shelves are up on the other side of the room, I will be moving theses collectables over there and having this just for my consoles as I need room for the PS3, PS2 and 360. I think I will keep a few game related items over here though like extra controllers. The little bookcase to the left is also full of DVD's, this is just temporary until the living room and dining room are done, this will soon be filled with games instead.

So over here we just need to move the collectable when the shelves are up, fill the gaps with consoles and also swap the DVD's for games. I also want some little hooks to hang my headsets on and maybe even add some LED lights if Liam lets me. We also need to change the light shade in the room as the old one is just ugly looking.  

So there you have it the games room is slowly coming together. I can't wait to show you when it is all fully done.

See you soon,

TNG Games

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