June 2018 Favourites

I actually quite enjoyed June, I went to possibly my favourite concert ever and spent a lot of time with family. We have also managed to get a bit more done around the house, there is still a fair bit to do in the games room but we almost have a dining room and full living room now. So here are some of my favourites from the month of June.

Film wise I have really only sat and watched one which was Alex and Me, all about USWNT player Alex Morgan. I absolutely loved this film and can't wait to watch it again. The good thing about this is I got it on iTunes so once it goes on the iPad I can watch it anywhere. Tv wise I have been loving the World Cup especially with some of the shock results. Other than that all I have watched is the brilliant One Day At A Time on Netflix. It is absolutely fantastic I got through a full season in just 3 days, I actually only have 1 episode left then I am all up to date so I need to find another show to watch.

Music was my favourite thing about the month. Demi Lovato released her new song Sober which is such a powerful song, it is nice to see someone tell the truth and own up to things for a change. Along with the release of the song I actually got to see her live after a 10 year long wait. She really didn't disappoint it could easily be my favourite concert ever. Liam said I screamed and sang all through it, I even shed a tear or 2 when it came to her performing Skyscraper and Warrior as those songs have strong memories for me. Overall it was an absolutely fantastic night which I honestly can't wait to do again on her next tour, I think she may appear a few more times on here too.

With me wanting to cover more tech on the blog I am discovering more and more products however, the only tech favourite I had last month as in fact my extremely old iPod touch. It has been so good just having it on whilst I am playing my games or walking to work. I also connect it to the Bluetooth radio when we are cleaning, it just makes the job a little more bearable. To say I got it in 2012/2013 it really has served me well.  

June saw me finally complete the first 3 episodes of Life is Strange : Before the Storm, which I found amazing. I loved the first one but the second one really topped it in my opinion, now I just need to finish the bonus episode ready for Life is Strange 2. I also spent a lot of June playing the World Cup mode of Fifa 18, I just have 1 game to go and who knows England may be bringing it home on my Fifa.

So there you have it, those are some of my favourites from the month of June, what were you loving let me know.

See you soon,

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