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I last did one of these posts which you can find here. Since I did that post I have discovered new YouTubers I haven fallen in love with watching as well as rediscovering old favourites. As soon as I am home I put YouTube whether I am cleaning, blogging or just sitting around, I watch it more than normal TV these days. So here are the channels I am loving watching...

LDShadowlady is one of  the first YouTubers I started watching if I remember correctly. I absolutely love her Minecraft videos and the series' that she takes part in. It is also great how you get her personality coming through in the videos too. 

A channel I have only just recently got into. SeaPeeKay was recommended to me through my YouTube due to me watching LDShadowlady. I am really glad that this channel was on there as it is one I have fallen in love with straight away, you just can't beat sitting down and chilling out whilst watching Minecraft videos. SeaPeeKay's videos are really funny too and like LDShadowlady his personality really comes through in the videos. I really hope to feature him on here a lot more in the future.

A channel that I haven fallen in love with recently due to my growing love of tech and tech products. This was recommended to me after I watched a video of iJustine's, I think the first video I watched was a massive tech unboxing one and from there I just kept on watching. The reviews on this channel are great and it really give you an idea of items to pick up in the future. 

Stacy is another YouTuber I discovered a while ago due to her Minecraft videos. I have lost track of how many of her videos I have actually watched, they never let me down I love them all. Stacy also has a book out which I really need to get a copy of. 

This channel is a fairly new one I have discovered through Twitter. I really enjoy the unboxing videos on here however my favourites are definitely the boyfriend vs girlfriend series. It was that series that actually drew me into the channel as I hadn't really seen it on any others. This is definitely a channel I will be keeping up with for a long time.

So there you have it those are my favourite channels at the moment. Can you recommend any new ones for me to check out? Let me know either in the comments or any of the social media linked below.

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