A Month With The iPhone 8

So I have been back on the iPhone for a month, which I have to admit has absolutely flown by and I am loving it. 
The iPhone 8 is much smaller than my Samsung galaxy and is a lot slimmer which is much better for my little hands. I still need to play around with a lot of the features of the phone and the apps that come with it but I have been blown away with how good the camera is, even when totally zoomed in. 

I am still adding to what is on my phone but here is what I have so far...

whats on my iphone

I absolutely loved the print on my Demi Lovato hoodie I picked up at her show in June so I decided I wanted it as my lock screen. I couldn't find a decent quality image so Liam managed to sort one out for me and now it is pride of place.

whats on my iphone

My home screen of course had to be an image of me and Liam, mainly because he moans that he has a picture of us two on his phone when I usually don't. this will always be one of my favourite pictures of us.
Along the bottom bar I have my essentials for calls, browsing the internet, messaging and listening to my music although I still need to put my music on to here. The front page is where I keep my most used apps but as you can see I always forget to check my notifications. I use all these apps everyday especially my Spotify which I can't get enough of.

whats on my iphone

The 2nd page is where I keep my apps I use a fair bit but not as much as the others. I have a load of Apple apps on here I need to actually give a go as well as a few gaming related ones. My trusty Sky Bet app is also on here now that the football season is here. I need to find some games to put on here and also some more apps I used to have.

Overall as it stands I am loving been back with Apple and if it continues I think my future phones may be Apple too. I have quite a few accessories at the moment that I am working through reviews of and I am looking to get a few more so if you can recommend any items I should pick up then let me know. 
See you soon,

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