Games Room Part 3

Wow part 3 of the games room already. I am hoping part 4 is when it is completed, because it seems to so on going. This is the room where we spent 99% of our time so it is the one where we are putting most effort into looking exactly as we want it. Even though it has been a long process and still has bits to go it has definitely been worth it. As it stands most things are in temporary homes, as we wanted to get items out on display along with wanting to clear the spare room. So here is how it is looking now....

I am loving the TV unit we got from Ikea, but everything has just been dumped on it at the moment whilst we wait for our shelves, same with the bookcases things are just dumped. Once we get the shelves fitted in the room I am hoping to have the bookcases just full of games, the TV unit will also have no figures on it and instead will just be consoles and accessories. I am also hoping to add LEDS to the unit just to add a little bit of colour. We also need to do quite a bit of cable management around here as it is currently all over the place. I can't wait until this looks less cluttered and overall just neater.  

As you walk through the doorway (we still need to get a door) to your right we still have a pretty blank space. The shelves are going on the metal rod sticking out of the wall so that will add to the wall. We have our game sign along with a pin board for our badges. On this wall we need to add some more artwork, I am personally hoping for a Tracer poster but hopefully we find something soon. We also need to change the radiator in here as this one is really old and we could easily get something much better through either of our places of work.

Next up is my desk area, the shelves will be going around the top of hear then I am going to be focusing on upgrading my set up when the time is right. The wall area here is pretty complete so I can't see me making any changes any time soon, just some cable management. 

This bit is driving mad, the extension lead is for my desk and some of Liam's stuff. I will be sorting this out soon though as we have got the items to sort out cable management wise. The wrestling boxes hold old magazines and comic books but I am tempted to move these elsewhere for better storage and to tidy up this space a little bit as they haven't been used in a long time. The radio needs moving into the dining room as I think that is going to be its new home, the little heater also needs to find a new home as we barely use it. The triangular dinosaur sign is just temporary at the moment as I am going to have this in the spare room once it is done. The Pikachu case will be moved somewhere more permanent too as that actually is my 3DS case so it needs to be with rest of my consoles. The rest as I say is just cable management and a general tidy up.

Liam's desk just needs a really good tidy and once again a bit of cable management needs to take place. We could even possibly add some artwork next to his whiteboard. The shelves are going above his desk too and we just need to sort the little ledge out as it has become a dumping ground.

This part is the bit that is really annoying me at the moment. we have a storage box next to the sofa bed which holds spare blankets and onesies but you can't get to it for all the soft toys. I think a few of these are going to be sat on the top of the box and the gaming chair hidden in the corner, maybe even a few on the sofa bed but as for the rest they will be moved to the spare room. We need to get a blind that fits, paint the wood above the window and also repaint the windowsill. Once all this is done I will be getting some bits to put on the windowsill as it just looks like an empty space at the moment. 

Overall there isn't that much to do once the shelving is up so it shouldn't be long at all until this room is finally done. It is just going to be so nice to sit in the room and have it just as we want it, and not having to do anything else to it. I am hoping it is all done and completed by Christmas time so fingers crossed.

See you soon,

TNG Games

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