Last Week #11

The weather has definitely changed and I aren't enjoying it one bit. At least we have all the radiators back on in the house so we can stay nice and warm, plus it means we have spent a lot more time in the games room. I didn't actually do much most nights after work, Tuesday we were at the football (wish I hadn't bothered), Wednesday I went shopping with family and spent far too much, Saturday we were out for food and to see Madagascar the musical and Sunday my grandparents came around. The highlight of my week definitely has to be seeing Madagascar as it is absolutely fantastic, it is quite short but definitely a good laugh. So here is what I had.....

Been Watching: Me and Liam have been watching Making a murderer season 2 together and I am actually really enjoying it, the show is just so interesting. I also had to watch Madagascar on Sunday because after the show I just couldn't stop singing I like to move it and just really wanted to watch the film again. Other than that all I have been watching is YouTube again.

Been reading : I have managed to sit and read a few blog posts but that is literally about it. Oh and I have been reading Christmas gift catalogues.

Been Playing: I managed to play a bit more of the Crew 2, basically just drove around for hours, I also played Lego Marvel Superheroes. Of course the game I played most last week though was Fifa 19, I am just loving it.

Been listening to : Walking to and from work consisted of plenty of Tegan and Sara, I even listened to them whilst doing jobs around the house. However, whilst gaming I spent my time listening to David Guetta. I used to love him and the love for his music is slowly creeping back.

Bought : I went a bit overboard in the Disney store this week, I got 2 cups, 2 Christmas tree ornaments, 3 soft toys and a little Groot succulent. I also managed to get a King Julian and penguin soft toy whilst at Madagascar. 

Plans for this week : I want to go to Ikea to get a little shelf for by my desk, where  I can possibly store my iPad and a Tracer figure (also need to get). I also want to get everything up on our shelves, do a bit more painting in the games room and sort the cables in the room. I am also hoping to pick up some LED lights for the games room so it is finally complete. Hopefully I will have plenty of gaming time too and get more posts up here.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon,

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