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I had been wanting to try a JBL product for quite a while, but their headphones and earphones seem to be a little on the pricey side. So when I saw that PC World were doing the JBL Go portable speaker at £19.99 a while back I just had to pick it up. My Beats Pill unfortunately got damaged whilst we were moving so this offer came around the right time. 

The speaker itself is really small, I have small hands and it fits perfectly in them, so if I did take it anywhere with me I will easily be able to transport this without it taking up much space. It sits nicely on my desk or at the side of the TV unit too without taking up hardly any space at all. I am also loving the blue colour as it just helps it stand out from the rest of my desk accessories.

From looking at the box you would think you was literally just getting the speaker however hidden away you have the instruction booklets and a super small charging cable. To me the length of the cable is the only issue with the whole thing to me it is just too small, but it is nothing major as if I need to I can just go buy a new longer one.

On to the speaker itself, on the top you have your little buttons blended into the compact design. You have the power button right next to the Bluetooth. Setting up was super easy just power on, click Bluetooth, find the speaker on your device and you are good to go. I am surprised with just how much charge the speaker came with as I have yet to charge it since I took it from the box.
You also have the volume buttons on top along with a speakerphone button. I tested out this feature whilst on the phone with Liam one night and it was great. It was the best I have heard him in a while whilst on the phone, I will definitely be using this feature a lot more often.

You also have the option for an aux cable if you really wanted to use one. This comes in shape of a 3.5mm Jack. It is nice how you have this option if you didn't want to use Bluetooth. There is not many reasons why I would actually use an aux cable as most device I use connect to Bluetooth really easy but it is good to know that if my Bluetooth wasn't working for any reason I could just plug this in to my device.

You even get a little bit on the side for a clip so you can clip the speaker to yourself whilst your out and about. or you could even attach a lanyard if you really wanted to. This is a feature I personally wouldn't use however it is good for those who like that sort of thing.

To say that the speaker is so small I was worried about the actual sound quality. I was worried that this may not sound very clear and staticky however, I can say I am really pleased with the quality. There was no static and at all levels of volume the sound was very clear. I had David Guetta blasting through it and ended up with the volume around half way as anything above that was just a bit too loud for our poor neighbour. With the volume able to go so high but still be great quality this will be perfect for those summer days lounging in the garden or having a BBQ. I honestly couldn't believe it was that tiny speaker producing all that sound.

I would highly recommend picking one of these up as for the price you truly are getting a brilliant product. I can't wait to try more JBL products in the future.

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