Christmas / Sales Wish List

With Christmas coming up I am constantly asked what I want from family members but I have honestly been struggling with ideas. I don't know if it is because as we have been unpacking the house I have realised just how much stuff I have (and possibly really don't need). However I have managed to come up with a few ideas I may ask family for or wait until the sales begin after Christmas as this is where I get most of my stuff. So here are a few of the items I am after...

At £60 these Bliiq hummingbird Bluetooth earphones are definitely a bit on the pricey side but with me now having an iPhone 8 I could really do with a good pair of Bluetooth earphones. I don't know much about Bliiq as I have never used any of their products before but if they are good enough for Kelley O'Hara to promote they must be a good make. I really have fallen into the celebrity endorsement trap on this one but I really hope that I can get a pair of these. They just look so nice too in the white and will be easy to pack up when I have finished with them. I am also hoping to be back in the gym next year and get out doing some individual football training so these would definitely get used a fair bit.

I really want to get my hands on a new gaming mouse, my AFX one is currently driving me mad. It just likes to go slow all of a sudden and refuses to move so with me wanting to play more PC games I think it is time I invested in a much better one. I am currently undecided on which to get though as it is between Logitech and Razer so far.

I haven't actually bought many new release games this year, in fact I think the only 2 I have bought for myself are Sea of Thieves and Fifa 19. So I am hoping that in the sales I can pick up a few I have missed out on so far. I would ask for these for Christmas but for some reason the family doesn't understand gaming so won't buy games as gifts. I am hoping to pick up Red Dead Redemption 2, Spiderman and Detroit Becoming Human so fingers crossed these drop in price.

Our mug cupboard is absolutely overflowing but this is mainly with Disney mugs. I am hoping to add a few more to the cupboard but I really have my eye on this Tracer one. I am loving playing Overwatch again and Tracer is definitely my favourite. In fact there are just too many Tracer items I am after.
I have noticed that when I am gaming I tend to wear the same stuff, my pyjamas/shorts with a hoodie thrown on top. Primark currently have a great range of gaming clothing in store so I am hoping to pick up a few items. I could do with some more hoodies and some more gaming pyjamas especially the Crash Bandicoot ones I have seen.

So there you have it that is my little wish list.

See you soon,

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