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Today we are carrying on the top 5 series, but instead of games today we are going to be taking a look at my top 5 YouTuber's at the moment. I am watching YouTube everyday now whether its before I get up in a morning, whilst I am gaming or just whilst I am sat around the house. I have noticed lately I am watching more of a variety of channels whether that is gaming, tech or even some hypebeast channels. But here are my top 5 at the moment....

I am loving watching Alex's daily vlogs, you get to see him doing up his new house which looks amazing so far and is actually giving me ideas for our house, but you also get to see the behind the scenes of Techflow (a channel that narrowly missed out on this list). Alex always seems to be doing something different everyday so each vlog really is different. His channel is one of those I love seeing new uploads in my subscription box.

Lamarr's channel is one that definitely does offer a variety of videos. One day you could be watching a console unboxing the next you could be watching a video about a voice activated microwave (seriously go check it out).  Lamarr's videos are just so fun to watch as you never know what you are going to get as most are one take videos. If you want to have a laugh whilst watching an unboxing definitely give this a try.

Tom is a YouTuber I have watched for a very long time, I first started watching when he was playing Mianite and I have continued watching since. Not only do I watch his YouTube but I also try catch as many of his Twitch streams as I can. My favourite video's of Tom's are definitely his Minecraft and Call of Duty ones, he is one of the main reasons I am tempted to pick up the new Call of Duty so thank you for that Tom. I really do need to pick up some of his merch soon as it looks brilliant.

Callum is a fantastic YouTuber, I absolutely love all his Minecraft videos as they can just be so funny, I especially love the one life series he is apart of as not only does it involve Callum but it also has some other YouTubers I love watching in it. Callum has also released a new poster that I wish I had picked up as it is the perfect Minecraft setting. I can see his videos being ones I watch for a very long time as I never get bored of them, I also need to check out some of his streams soon, he is also actually one of the reasons I am redownloading Minecraft on my new PC.

Anyone who knows me knows just how obsessed with football I am, they will also know just how much I love to play Fifa. So when I came across Matt's channel recently I immediately became hooked. I absolutely love his pack opening videos and especially his real life pack opening videos (some of those real life ultimate shirts are just absolutely amazing). It was actually Matt who got me into playing ultimate team, I had never bothered with it until watching his videos. I think in the near future I will have to sit and go through his old videos as they look like they will be right up my street. Plus thanks to Matt, I now have another game mode I can get lost in.

So there you have it those are my top 5 YouTubers at the moment.

See you soon,

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