FUT Squad Battle Rewards Week #1

I have always played FIFA, probably a lot more than I should do seen as my backlog is just piling up due to me neglecting everything for those extra games of FIFA. Since FIFA 16 I got hooked on the women's competition and would just do tournament after tournament on this however this year I have a new favourite... FIFA Ultimate Team Squad Battles, I am loving playing the games and going up in the ranks and gaining rewards for the time I put into the game. It is also really fun trying to put together my perfect team. This post is the first in a mini series I am doing which will show my rewards gained from my weekly squad battles and on some occasions it may include the team I have played with that week. So here is week number 1.

In week number 1 I managed to get to Gold 2 and was unbelievably just the 5 points away from reaching Gold 1, I have only done 2 weeks of Squad Battles so far so this is the highest I had got so far, but I am hoping this week I can do a bit better and get that Gold 1 if not higher. For my rewards this week I managed to get the Special untradeable Atakayi (this might be used in a squad building challenge as he won't really fit my team) along with a jumbo premium gold pack, a prime mixed players pack and 10,000 coins. The coins always come in handy as I am aiming to spend as little actual money on this games as possible. So here is what I actually packed.

In my prime mixed players pack I actually only kept a few players and quick sold the rest. My club at the moment is over run with strikers and goalkeepers so I sold most of these and just kept Djene, Pele and Vallejos. I was actually hoping for a few better cards in this pack but I guess we will see what we get next time.

Finally we have the jumbo premium gold pack where I thought we might have got a few better cards but surprise surprise we weren't in luck once again and the highest rated was a 77. The good thing about this pack is that it actually had in plenty of contracts which always come in handy alongside played in positions I had been struggling to fill. I had a serious lack of centre backs, wingers and left backs so these will definitely come in handy.

So there you have it those are the rewards I managed to pack for week #1 of this series, now it is a case of building up my team to get started again and hopefully get a better rank by the end of Sunday. Check back here next week to see what I manage to get. Also if you are into FIFA and FUT then check out the discord link below as there will be a channel coming soon dedicated to this.

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