The Completed Games Room

Finally after almost 9 months the games room is completed. We got our keys for the house on March 9th, by the 11th we were already getting stuff together to get to work on the room. This actually ended up taking priority over every other room in the house as we knew we were going to be spending the most time in here. Our house has 3 pretty decent sized bedrooms so we opted to use the biggest room for the games room and I am so glad we did as we had a lot more stuff between us than we thought (we also still have quite a few bits at our parents too). So here is what the room looks like now it is done...

As you go through the doorway to your right we have all our posters and our pin badge board. I picked up the Demi Lovato poster when we saw her back in June and there was only one other person I wanted on the wall... my favourite Tracer, Liam picked out the Nuka Cola one. The pin board was an addition due to how many random gaming pins we had alongside the amount of Disney ones we both have from recent trips, it is just really nice having them all out on display. We also had these shelves made to go around half of the room to hold all our collectible figures, Funko pops and other bits of gaming merchandise. 

To the left of the doorway is where the TV and all the consoles and games are stored. We got this TV unit at Ikea and it is perfect as there is a little cupboard for each console and some accessories. Either side of the unit are our bookcase which are full of games for each of the consoles, I don't know where any new ones are going to go as we are already struggling on space. The top of the unit is going to be arranged soon as I want this to be a space for controllers and headsets not full of random items. We also could do with some artwork for the empty space above here.

Right opposite the TV unit we have this sofa bed which is perfect as it means we can be comfortable whilst gaming or watching films plus we have an extra place for guests to sleep if needed or even just if one of us ends up falling asleep whilst gaming (yes it has already happened a few times). The sofa bed hold all our Pok√©mon soft toys and other geeky ones. To the left of this we have a storage box full of board games and blankets, with a record player at the side of it along with the X Rocker gaming chair. 

Right behind this area is Liam's desk, he got the biggest desk area as that is more suited to him, this is where his PC gaming set up is. On the little ledge we have some random little things including our smart meter. He has a framed Joker image to the left of his desk and a whiteboard behind it for all his World of Warcraft and Football Manager info. The chimney breast has a few of my favourite quotes on it along with our WWE calendar.  

Finally my desk area, which I won't really go into much as I have a whole separate post coming up for it. I recently got a 2nd monitor and I just love how my little set up is coming along and fills up this space nicely.  The room has also had a lighting upgrade as we now have the Phillips Hue lights and some LED strips in here.

I am so glad this room is finally done as it is definitely where we spend 90% of our time and it just shows off mine and Liam's personalities perfectly. It is a room I am proud of as everything has been planned by ourselves and where possible we have done all the work in it we could. 

So there you go that is what our games room is looking like. 

See you soon,

TNG Games

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