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Finally after wanting one since its initial release we got a Nintendo Switch. I had a pretty rubbish week the other week and was surprised after hospital on the Wednesday by Liam who came in with a box and said it was an early Christmas present. I honestly couldn't believe it and really couldn't believe he had managed to keep it a surprise for almost a week especially with me constantly saying I was going to get one. 
He managed to pick up the Neon Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu bundle from Amazon on the black Friday deals. Which is brilliant as it was that games that I really wanted to pick up.

I was pretty surprised with how heavy the screen felt to me when I first picked it up however, now I am used to it the weight really doesn't matter at all. I have pretty small hands too and the joy-cons are the perfect size for me and are actually pretty comfortable to hold whether they are attached to the screen or not. I love the fact that I can play this whilst laid in bed or chilling out on the sofa downstairs or I could even play it whilst it is docked on the TV in the games room. I love how there are so many options to play, plenty of times I have not gamed as I have just wanted to crawl into bed but now I can finally do both.

I am also surprised by the quality of the screen, I wasn't expecting the graphics to look so good as it is a small screen but honestly Pikachu is looking amazing on it. The battery life is also really surprising me as I heard it wasn't very good yet I can play on it for ages and then Liam can play on it daily we don't even have to charge it every night after doing this which I find quite amazing. 

I am absolutely loving the system at the moment and really can't wait to get playing it more often and building up some more games for it. So far we have Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu, Zelda Breath of the Wild and of course FIFA 19. I currently have quite a list of games I want to pick up so keep an eye out for reviews on those in 2019. I am so glad Liam managed to get us one of these. 

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