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If you read yesterdays post (if you haven't what are you waiting for check it out here) you would have seen that this year is the year I am aiming to dramatically reduce my backlog. I have started off January pretty well and in just a week I completed my first play through of Detroit Become Human, when this game originally came out I didn't think it was for me however, when the price dropped to just £15 I knew that I would need to give it a go and I am so glad I did. This game was perfect for me and most nights I actually had to force myself to go to bed instead of playing on. 

Other than Life is Strange I have never actually played any games where I have been so drawn to and attached to characters, but I actually think Detroit topped Life is Strange for me as I was taking more consideration of my choices as I genuinely didn't want bad things to happen to my favourite character which turned out pretty quickly to be Connor, I loved him. throughout the game it was so easy to connect emotionally with each character due to their inner struggles and what they were going through. Each chapter brought something different as they all had their own personal challenges and inner thoughts so no 2 parts were ever the same. I think this is what I loved so much as it meant I wasn't just repeating actions over and over again. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't get emotional with many things, I can be in a cinema full of crying people and I will be totally oblivious just watching the film (my family say I have a heart of stone) but honestly with this game it really hit me in the feels. When my decisions didn't go to plan and something pretty bad happened to one of my characters or one of the characters I was close to I don't know why but it actually effected me which is something I really aren't used to but I would love to play more games like this. Sometimes with games I can feel as they have a lot to do which really doesn't matter to the actual story, which can put me off actually sticking to a game and I would just go play something different. But with Detroit, everything seemed to fit what you did throughout the game really mattered which kept me gripped. I actually couldn't wait to finish work and get playing again each night and as you could tell you was coming to the end of the game I was genuinely upset that I was close to finishing it.

The controls were actually pretty easy to pick up and having the scan feature made tasks go a lot quicker. When your character got into a fight though I did struggle for a bit as I kept forgetting the positions of the buttons I needed to press quickly (probably as I hadn't gamed for a while with me being ill). The camera angles are something I struggled with a little as neither of them seemed right to me but as the game progressed I slowly got used to them and they weren't exactly a major issue throughout the game. The controls just flowed so easily from character to character which definitely made the game a better experience for me.

The graphics in the game were fantastic with each Android looking so human and you could see the detail put into the graphics from the developers. The only issue I had within the game was at times the game would go really dark and I couldn't actually see the graphics on the screen but the more I think about this I think my settings for the game may have been a little bit off. I had a few times where my game would crash with the graphics staying the same but the game continuing in the background however, with just a quick restart of the console the game started working perfectly again.

 Another added bonus to the game was when you went on to the game for the first time each night, that Android before you decided if you was continuing was brilliant. Adding in that interactive element really kept you feeling part of the game.  I loved the first time I went back on after playing for quite a while and she actually pointed out this fact, it really surprised me as I wasn't expecting anything like that. 

The little cinematics throughout the game really added to the atmosphere as it set the scene for that chapter, sometimes in games I find the cinematics go on for too long and are too drawn out however, this game slotted them in perfectly and they were the perfect length for me as I didn't get bored or fidgety. 

This is a game I would happily replay over and over again to see the different outcomes by simply making different changes, with me only paying £15 for this game I would definitely say I have already got my money worth but honestly I would have definitely paid full price for this now I have played it and seen how brilliant it is.

I absolutely loved this game, although the birds in certain parts frightened me to death ( of all the things I could have a phobia of it is birds) I really did love this game, I will be going back to this once my backlog has started to decrease to see what other endings I could finish with and it could possibly become one of my first platinumed games I loved it that much. The only things putting me off replaying straight away is the fact I have so many other games waiting for me and how long I was having to wait between load screens,  I don't know why but it was just going so slow. But after my first playthrough I have to say without a doubt Connor was my favourite.

So there you have it that is my first game of 2019 completed (in terms of story) and the first game ticked off my backlog. Keep an eye on here to see what game I get completed next and what I thought about it.

See you soon,

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