FUT Squad Battle Rewards Week #2

I had been seriously slacking with playing FIFA over the Christmas period and whilst I was ill. I just really had no attention span to hop on a game and try grind up the ranks to earn better rewards. That is why I ended last week on Bronze 2 (possibly my lowest yet) as I only managed a few games when I started to feel better. My reward for this rank was 1 gold pack which included 12 gold and 1 rare and honestly out of all these cards I am most impressed with the contracts. 

I got 3 players out of this whole pack and to be honest I think I may end up selling them all for more coins, I already have plenty of centre backs and defensive midfielders. However, I think before I decide on selling them I am going to play about with my team and see if they are a better fit. I also packed a fitness coach which I think could be my first one, so I am interested to see how that works.

I seem to be packing quite a few kits recently especially away kits, this week I got the Argentina and Dijon away kits but they have already been quick sold, I just really don't need them so I may as well make some coins off of them. The Domino's Ligue 2 card also ended up being quick sold as I just don't need it right now. 

Alongside getting decent players (maybe one day it will happen again) I also love packing contracts as these are always really handy especially when your favourites contracts suddenly decide to run low. I really need to learn to keep an eye on how many games each player actually has left. The more contracts I have at my disposal the better.

So there you have it those are what I packed last week. Fingers crossed I can pack some better cards this week especially if I can end up as a higher rank, I am aiming for those golds again.

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