PC Set UP : End Of 2018

2018 was actually a really good year in terms of my PC setup. With us moving and us gaining our games room it meant more space along with a chance to upgrade some items and getting the space looking just how I want it to. It took quite a while to get my little PC corner just how I am liking it so here is what it ended 2018 looking like...

One of the biggest upgrades was my PC, I now have a gaming PC from the brilliant Fierce PC, I won't go into this too much as I actually have a post due on this and its specs, but I love how it fits in here and the lights make the little cupboard glow, however I do wish I could have this out so I could see it to its full extent. The little draw above houses the external hard drive for the PC and a few other accessories. The big draw has all my blogging essentials in, which includes pens, whiteboard markers and notebooks.

On the top of the desk 2018 finally saw me get my 2nd monitor thanks to Liam. It has made my life so much easier already as I can now blog whilst catching up on my YouTube or even watch a stream whilst keeping up on my social media. This will be really handy for when I get started streaming at last. One of these monitors is HP and the other is just a simple AOC monitor, next step is sorting out a nice new wallpaper. 
I also have my Mophie wireless charger on my desk right by my side as my phone battery is forever getting too low, it is great to just be able to sit gaming and have my phone charging near me so if anyone is trying to get a hold of me I always know, I spend far too much time on my phone lately. I have a nice little Joker soft toy hiding between my monitors (Liam has the matching Harley Quinn on his desk).
In terms of the keyboard and mouse these stayed the same from when I was still living at home, these are just the matching AFX ones that I got for Christmas a while back. In fact you can check out the keyboard review here, and the mouse review here. These are doing the job for now but honestly I can see a change coming with these soon. I also have the AFX mouse mat as well but this is starting to get a little worn now.

Just above my monitors we have my whiteboard which I really need to start using again to plan out the blog and other things coming up.  It is so nice just being able to be sat blogging and looking up and seeing what you still need to do. On the wall to the left just above my monitors Liam put up a little shelf for me. At the moment I have my Tracer Funko on here and a little Stitch Tsum Tsum alongside my Star Wars light and Amazon Alexa, this shelf is definitely something that I think will keep on changing. That little wall is also where my little Mickey Mouse quote hangs with my Cesaro sign.

Finally we have my chair, this is something else that hasn't changed for a long time, This chair came from Ikea ages ago and it just isn't comfy at all therefore I put my old  Pokemon cushion on here just to make it a little better. This is also where I keep my headset when I aren't using my PC.

There are plenty of things I want to change in regards to this set up throughout 2019 and here are what those improvements are hopefully going to be....
The door will be removed from the little cupboard so it won't be constantly opened and you can see the PC a little better. I also want to put a little hook or something somewhere for my headset as it is getting too risky leaving it just laying around. 
I also want to upgrade my keyboard, headset and mouse to something a little better, I am still debating if  I want them to be Corsair or Razer or any other brand. 
One of the most important things for me to do in my opinion is to get a better chair, this will mean I could game or blog for a lot longer.
I want to add a decent microphone to the set up too especially with me wanting to start streaming and YouTube so fingers crossed that will happen.
Finally I really want to pick up a mini fridge for in between mine and Liam's desks as we have the perfect space for one, plus I am super lazy and won't go down for drinks if I am gaming or blogging so it would mean I would actually be nicely hydrated for a change.

So there you have it that is how the set up ended 2018 and the aims for it in 2019. If you have any recommendations for the keyboard, mouse or chair please let me know.

See you soon,

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