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Unfortunately whilst we have been doing a few jobs in the games room some of my gaming set up got a little ruined/mucky. This meant red brick dust is currently stuck in my keyboard and somehow some little bits of brick have even managed to get stuck under some keys, my mouse is in a world of its own and just doesn't like responding at the moment and honestly I don't know what is going on at the minute with it. So with all this happening it got me thinking about some changes I wanted to make to the setup to get everything looking fresh and fully working again. I was stuck on what brand I wanted to go with but then I came across the Razer Quartz collection and instantly fell in love. Now I definitely aren't girly and usually couldn't careless about the colour pink but there is just something about these items I am in love with. So here is what I want to add to my set up in the future....

Razer Huntsman Quartz Pink - £149.99

I know that Razer keyboards are good quality as Liam has had his for years now and it is still going strong. Although it is a little pricey if it last a long time it is worth the investment. I also love how the chroma looks with the pink. The keyboard also has the Opto-mechanical switches which apparently enhances speed, which is something that will definitely improve my PC gaming experience and may help me actually play a game well if it has enhanced speed.

Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Quartz Pink - £59.99
My current mouse mat is filthy and curling at the edges from where it has been transported around or my arm has made it roll. Then I saw this mouse mat and wanted it straight away, why? Well because it is also chroma. This is a soft mat but honestly it wouldn't be moved any more, it would just be sat on my desk not moving. I love how the grey and pink go together and add in a bit of chroma, make it even more perfect. Granted it is pretty expensive at basically £60 but it is a Razer product. 

Razer Basilisk Quartz Pink Mouse - £64.99

This mouse is described as being for FPS gaming, which to be honest is what I mainly play on the PC so this would be perfect for me. Like I said before my current mouse doesn't like responding granted it was only a cheap one but I could really do with something better. I know Liam loves the Razer mice and he recently just picked up a new one after having his previous one for absolutely ages so I know they are worth it. In fact I think this is pretty cheap for a Razer mouse so I am very tempted. 

Razer Kraken Quartz Pink - £99.99

Ah headsets the absolute nightmare for me, I really struggle finding ones that fit me and feel comfortable. The only others I had that were comfortable where my Steelseries ones but unfortunately after a few years service these broke. When they broke I couldn't find any others that would work on my old PC so I ended up using Liam's Kraken headset and instantly fell in love with it as it was perfect for me it was so comfortable and blocked out so much sound. £99.99 is definitely expensive but if it lasts half as long as Liam's it is definitely worth it.

Razer Raiju Tournament Edition Quartz Pink - £149.99

A controller that I can use for my PS4 or PC that fits in with the rest of my set up yes please. I had been looking at the black version of this controller for a while as I just love the design of it add in that it would match everything else then perfect. It has a Bluetooth and wired connection meaning it could be used either way with ease. At £149.99 it is definitely pricey and one I would really have to really think about this before making a purchase.

So there you have it that is my Razer wish list fingers crossed these could be added to my set up in the near future it is time to get saving.

See you soon,

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