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Back in January I posted my backlog to clear for the first half of the year. So far we are nearly at the end of the 2nd month and I have actually only managed to complete the story of 1 of the games on the list, which was Detroit Become Human. Once this was completed and once I finally felt better I moved on to playing Until Dawn as this is a game that had been sat on the shelf for so long, and to be honest I really wish I played any other game rather than this. 

Horror games are ones that I normally avoid but for some reason I picked this up (probably because it was cheap). This year I really want to try new types of games though so I decided to jump right in and finally give it a go. I get pretty easily scared which is why I don't normally go for this genre but from what I played not a single thing made me jump or on the edge of my seat. The scariest thing to me was the bird that kept appearing (yay for being scared of birds out of all the things in the world). I just sat there wondering when something was actually going to happen.

In terms of the graphics on the game I think I have been spoilt with graphics lately and going back to this really showed how graphics have come along over the years, although this game came out in 2015 you can tell the difference between this game and those that came out in 2018. Although the graphics in terms of characters where actually pretty good, I mean Hayden Pantettiere's character Samantha actually looked quite like her and Remi Malek's Joshua was uncanny in resemblance you could tell who voices Joshua without even having to double check. The problem in the graphics for me was the surroundings which half the time were far too dark (I had to keep playing with the settings and brightness to see if I could change it at all), with it being too dark I kept loosing track of what was in front of me meaning I kept walking into things and getting stuck unable to see what way I actually needed to go. I know horror games should be dark to add to the effect but I found this too dark to enjoy. 

The controls were also driving me mad. I really don't know if it is just because my PS4 is so old now that it keeps slowing right down and lagging or if it is my controller but at times I was trying to move it just wasn't doing it straight away. Another thing that makes me believe that this could be down to the game is when you had to do the quick reactions there was nothing quick about it and there was actually a delay. It never did this on Detroit which I only played a few weeks before which means I need to do a bit more testing on  this to see what the issue was and if it was game specific or not. I just wish making decisions were made as fast as they should have been and that it actually responded to what I pressed when I pressed it not when the option is gone.  

The cinematic's which I actually saw from the game where pretty good but went on a little too long. There was so long spent so early introducing the voice actors I thought I was actually watching a TV show rather than playing a game as it just seemed like a time filler when the story could easily already be being played instead of me just being sat around waiting. Granted it is good to see who is actually in the game but surely it could be done quicker or after the game like you get in films.

Although I only actually met him Dr Hill drove me mad, I just wanted to get on with what I was doing I didn't want to sit and analyse a picture he was showing. This is also where I was making a decision and it was lagging for me which just added insult to injury. Granted as the game goes on he might grow on me but when I have barely done anything story wise and he shows up when you want to get on with things I found it really annoying. In terms of the rest of the characters there is definitely plenty of them and I think one of the best things about this game that I played was actually being introduced to each character individually and getting to know a bit about them. If I did carry on playing the game I think I may have enjoyed getting to know them more and trying to protect them. 

As I said earlier in the post I am not far into the game at all as I just got bored and feel like it isn't the game for me. From what I did play some bits where good like meeting characters and the events that kick start the whole game but it is when you get past this part it started to go down hill for me. You meet Dr Hill, who as I said I wasn't keen on then as you meet the characters at times it just drags and there is nothing scary about it at all. I think it would have been nice for you to jump straight in and feel like you are constantly watching your back and having to stay alert. Which is something this really didn't do from what I played. I have to admit though I did like the song that was on when the voice actors names where coming up on the screen.

So there you have it, that is my first impressions of the game, I know a lot of people really enjoyed this game but honestly I don't think it is one for me. Who knows I may go back to it one day when the backlog has gone down a little more but if not I am sure Liam will give it a go, it seems like his type of game. 

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