FUT Squad Battle Rewards Week #5

I am back again with another weeks worth of squad battle rewards. Unfortunately I didn't have much time at all to play last week and I only managed to get to Bronze 2. But although I earned just the 1 gold pack it is one of my favourites so far, after reading this I guess you will see just how bad my packs are for me to be excited over this...

First up with the players I received I actually don't mind them and they will come in handy. I basically have a full Spanish team now so the GK and LB will be great back ups. However, I am always short of LW players so De Preville may come in handy whilst I am playing around with the team. It was nice to see a name in there too that I knew, Antenucci is ex Leeds so it is a name I was used to hearing and who knows he may fit into my plans one way or another.

Now this next lot is what really made me smile. One of my favourite managers in the Premier League at the moment is Klopp, I definitely aren't Liverpool's biggest fan but you can't deny that Klopp hasn't worked wonders with the team. He will definitely be getting used. Next up is Neil Warnock one of the managers who seems to have been around forever, you can't knock Warnock as a manager as he has helped out so many teams over the years and has had an okay career plus he's a Yorkshire lad so I am definitely keeping him. Calcio B is the only card I actually got rid of this week as it just didn't fit my plans anywhere. Of course my player contract had to stay as they always come in handy.

All the cards in the above image also stayed like I said in the above they always come in handy plus it is always nice to be able to change kits around every now and again.

So there you have it those are my rewards from last week. What did you manage to get?

See you soon

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