FUT Squad Battle Rewards Week #6

Another week another Bronze 2 reward aka 1 gold pack. This is thanks to me not playing much as I was spending time with the family and getting jobs done ready for me getting my op done yesterday. To be honest though I really don't mind this reward at all as it is a pack that has given  me one of my favourite players.  So here is what I packed...

 I finally have Pulisic granted he may not be a very good card for some but he is one of my favourite American players, in fact he is one of the reasons I actually watch USMNT games. I think he could partner pretty well with Dom Dwyer when I fancy changing things up.
I also packed Kurzawa the PSG player who can always be rotated into my team as I really lack in the LB position. There was also a Butko RB card in this pack, the Donetsk player could also come in handy so I can switch between him and Coke when I fancy it and change up my team every now and again.
I also got the Sniper card which is definitely being kept as I barely ever manage to pack this and it will come in very handy.  

The Adidas glider ball is one I always seem to pack and one that goes straight back out through quick sale. I aren't too bothered by what ball  I use during games.
Obviously all these player contracts where kept too as they are always required especially how I have a specific set of players I use more often than others. 

I have finally started using the player fitness cards that I get and it is making a world of difference to my team. So from now on I will actually be making sure I keep all these cards and actually put them to use.
The Frankfurt kit is going though as I already have too much of a collection of kits going on yet I use the same few all the time. 

So there you have it that is last weeks rewards, I am hoping whilst I recover from this surgery I can get plenty of FIFA time in and build on those ranks. I am also hoping having the week off helps me get more content typed up and posted on here. So keep your eye out for those.

See you soon,

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