FUT Squad Battle Rewards Week #9

I did it, I finally did it and got out of the bronze rankings last week, instead I ended up silver 3 which earnt me a premium gold pack, a gold pack, 1,500 coins and a Kone card.

So here is what I got out of these packs...

Zarate was quick sold straight away as I really don't think he is a fit for any teams I would have plus I have loads of strikers already. However Pinola and Feilhaber were kept, I have a shortage of centre backs and in terms of Feilhaber, he could fit into some of my plans quite well as I have quite a few Americans piling up along with players who play in the MLS. Of course the manager contract was also kept as I want to keep Klopp as long as I can.

In terms of the image above I kept the player contracts as you can never have enough of those and the kicking as that can always come in hanfy. I did get rid of Ekstraklasa though.

Again all the cards above where kept as they are all pretty useful especially as I play the same team each game more or less. I really need to work on rotating my squad as it may actually benefit me.

Bonaventura and Raul were kept for future alongside the player contract. But I decided to quick sell Bizot as I have far too many goalkeepers and don't rotate them often enough. The rest though could come in pretty handy as my central midfield is also lacking at the moment.

The Saudi proffessional league card was quick sold straight away as it is one I definitely don't require this. The rest were all kept as you can never have enough of them as I have mentioned before.

Same with this lot the player fitness and upper body was kept as they are super useful but the Pachuca and newly promoted Aston Villa kits were sold straight away as I have my kits I like to stick to.

I am quite surprised that I didn't get any duplicates in all of these. What rewards did you get?

See you soon

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