Will I Be Buying FIFA20

Do I buy FIFA every single year and just get hooked on it? Of course I do. Will I be doing the exact same thing this year? Without a shadow of a doubt. FIFA is one of the games I really don't get fed up of and could play for hours on end. That's why on the 27th September I will be heading to my nearest shop and picking up my copy. 

One thing that is making me want this even more than usual is the addition of the Volta football mode. I was a huge fan of FIFA Street so any street football mode will entice me to the game even more and after seeing the trailer I don't think it will disappoint..

The best part about it though is how you can play as the licensed players in this mode, so just think you could have Ronaldo playing in a cage in London, Messi in an Amsterdam underpass or Neymar on a rooftop in Tokyo it is definitely going to be interesting and I can't wait to see all the locations.

You can play a 3 on 3 game 4 on 4 etc and you can either have a keeper or not, it just brings in the who authenticity and culture of street football to the game. You can wear any outfits even jeans if you like and can even create female players which I am looking forward to plus you can have males and females on the same team for a change. It just brings the whole values off the street game to your screen for you to play.

There hasn't really been any news on the women's front but I am hoping after the success of this world cup so far they may introduce a few game modes or possibly leagues into the game which if they did would be fantastic as I would love to try take the Thorns or Pride to NWSL glory. Fingers crossed there will be some news on additions to the women's before its release.

Then we have FUT which I have really gotten into lately after finally giving it a go. No doubt more money will end up being spend on points on next years game, not that it does me any favours and I still get rubbish.

So overall yes of course I am picking up FIFA 20 once it is out, I wouldn't have it any other way my backlog will just have to wait as FIFA is where it is at for me lately.

See you soon

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