Last Week #22

My life has literally been taken over by the football. But now the tournament is coming to an end (I luckily have the NWSL still to watch and the English leagues start again soon) it is meaning I have a chance to finally do jobs that have been put to one side and get gaming again. My dad and Liam have done a brilliant job with the decking in the back garden and it is very nearly done. Whilst they have been doing the decking I have manage to spend plenty of time with my sister, nephew and mum so it has been perfect. We are even making progress on the spare room now. So here is what I have...

Been Watching: 90% of the time it has been the football but the other 10% has mainly been Sidemen Videos over on YouTube.

Been reading : Match reports have been the limit of my reading lately but I am hoping to change that soon.

Been Playing: The only thing that I played last week was Crash Team Racing, thanks to having it on the switch I can easily sit at half time of the football playing it or just crash out downstairs playing it. 

Been listening to : I am hooked on both Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello lately so they have been on repeat with a bit of Tegan and Sara thrown in the mix

Bought : I haven't actually bought anything geeky or gaming related this week which I am quite proud of.

Plans for this week : There aren't too many games on this week so I want to get some games played for a change. I also want to upload to here at least 3/4 times. Hopefully I can get more jobs done around the house too.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon,

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