FUT Squad Battle Rewards Week #9

Finally the return of the playing FIFA meant I also returned to squad battles which to be fair for my first week back I was just playing around with my team but surprised myself by getting to Silver 3, you know from previous posts I usually tend to only get to Bronze 2. The rewards I got as above i got the untradeable Okungbowa, a premium gold pack, a gold pack and 1,500 coins which to be fair wasn't too bad.

Out of the first pack I kept all apart from Roco, St Mary's Stadium, the Koln away kit and the duplicate Aybaba manager. There was no point what so ever keeping these as I am never going to use them.  

In the 2nd pack everything went apart from the contracts, fitness card and of course the USA away kit. The USA kit is one of my favourites from over the years and as a USWNT fan it was never going to be sold, I changed it to be my go to kit straight away .

Overall the packs could have been a lot better but I guess that is what it is coming to as the game is coming to an end, bring on FIFA 20, I wonder what I will get next week?

See you soon

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