Favourite Games So Far In My Life

Over the years I have played plenty of games. It all started with me playing on my dads Sega console when I got the chance, then I got my own Gameboy and things just flowed from there with me having plenty of consoles to keep me going over the years. Thanks to having plenty of consoles it meant I could play a variety of games and honestly I tried a bit of everything. I remember we had the Tweenies game on the Gameboy which got played quite a bit with my sister. But out of all these games I have tried to narrow it down to my favourites for this post, it was definitely a difficult choice but here is what made the cut...

I have loved this game since it was released and currently have it installed on my PC, Laptop and Xbox, I am hoping the rumours are true and that is coming to the Switch as that will definitely be purchased straight away. It is a game I have been able to jump in and out of and really haven't got bored of it at all. It is also filled with brilliant characters and is home to once of my favourites... Tracer. In fact there may be a Tracer filled post coming in the future. To be honest it surprised me how much I still love this game as I definitely aren't any good at it.

Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories
This game came along hand in hand with possibly an unhealthy addiction to getting Yu-Gi-Oh cards, I was obsessed growing up, any spare pocket money going on the cards, birthday's I would also ask for them. It even got to the stage where if I did well swimming I was rewarded with a pack just to try get me motivated. Since then it has died down a bit but catch myself looking at card packs every now and again. So when this game came out I was desperate for it and the parents ended up getting me a copy, I honestly played it to death it was one of my go to games, I would love to pick up a PS1 and hunt down a copy of this.

Beyblade is another one from my childhood, I remember going to the local shops trying to build up a collection then sitting and playing with them for hours. It caused plenty of pain too as I would always end up tearing my fingers up when pulling the sharp plastic bit out far too fast. This is aonther game that I wanted straight away and didn't want to miss out on. I played this game to death without getting fed up of it and would love to play it again. One thing I will always remember is how our TV just totally gave out after we had been playing this game for so long. I was devastated as I had to wait for a new TV and just wanted to play this game. 

FIFA Street
One of the best FIFA games in my opinion was FIFA Street I loved it and could play for hours. As someone who is absolutely obsessed with football in general growing up this was great. I could never do the skills on the actual pitch but I could happily enjoy doing them on the game instead. You had to be creative in the game which is what I loved the most about it and each game was different. This was actually the first game I purchased when I purchased my current PS2.

Simpsons Hit & Run
To me the Simpsons hit & run is an absolute classic and really does need to be brought out on the current consoles. I used to play this for hours at a time and never got sick of it. The game was really fun and involved all my favourites. The Simpsons still is a show I always watch and can got lost in for hours some nights we just watch it over and over. This is definitely a game I need to pick up for my PS2 once I get a working memory card as I want to relive it.

Well Minecraft is definitely a strange addition as when I used to watch Liam playing it I would say it looked terrible and boring but once he gave me a 360 and I gave the game a go for myself I fell in love with it. I now have far too many copies of it but it definitely keeps me occupied whether that is in creative or survival mode, I am even tempted to do a Minecraft YouTube series would you be interested? Since playing the game countless hours have been spent on it and there is now plenty of Minecraft merchandise surrounding our games room. 

Pokémon Yellow Version
My first game on my Gameboy was Pokémon Yellow and it didn't disappoint, it meant the Gameboy went absolutely everywhere with me. On holiday's which involved a long car journey it was by my side, in the dark I would struggle to see anything on the screen just using passing lights as anything to carry on playing. This game really set off my love for the whole Pokémon franchise and growing up everything had to be Pokémon and more specifically Pikachu. I loved this game so much but stupidly sold it when I sold my Gameboy but I did rebuy it for the DS a while back, now I just need to go back and play it again.

Sonic The Hedgehog
If  I remember correctly Sonic was one of the first ever game I played on my dad's Sega system and I loved it. I didn't find it too difficult for such a young age and would even have fun watching my dad play it. Sonic games are ones I have always dipped in and out of but I love the franchise and actually want to go back and play a lot more Sonic in the future. It is why I am very tempted to get some of the Sega mini consoles to basically relive some games from my childhood and even try out some I may have missed. I do need some Sonic merchandise to add to the games room though.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
I actually think I may still have this game, I don't even know what tempted me to buy this but I am so glad I did. I love the Olympics especially when they were held over here, the fact it includes so much variety including women's football I was hooked on the competition and this game was a great companion for it, with me been able to compete in so many of the events I especially loved the running events. They are bringing out a 2020 version for the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo and I can't wait to play as my favourite characters in this once more.

Toy Story Mania
The Toy Story Mania game is one I didn't know I needed until I had been to Disney and went on the ride. I was lucky enough to receive this from Liam's family one birthday and was hooked. With so many minigames featuring my favourite Toy Story characters I wasn't disappointed. Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love the films so having the characters in what became one of my most played games was fantastic. It is a brilliant game for parties too and provides hours of fun.

So there you have it those are my favourite games I have played so far in my life, I have played so many over the years but these are the ones that really stand out to me still. Keep an eye on the blogs Facebook and Instagram though as I am going to be posting the games that missed out on this post plus more exclusive looks at things as I am determined to use the pages more.

What are some of your favourite games?

See you soon

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