What Is On Our Nintendo Switch So Far

Since we got the Switch in November we have tried to be pretty good when it comes to buying games, or at least I have. I realised there is no point having a ridiculous backlog for the Switch like I do the rest of my consoles, I want to get through as much of the game as I can, if not complete them before purchasing my next game.

So in the past around 9 months here is what we have purchased and been playing in our Switch.

Horizon Chase Turbo - I was actually sent this to review from Numskull games, but haven't managed to play it yet due to the internet in our house been absolutely ridiculous and taking me 5 days to get onto the E-Shop. I can't wait to give this a try though.

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled - I absolutely love this game, it brings back all the nostalgia from my childhood and is still really fun to play. I still have quite a bit to do on this game but I am trying to drag it out so I can have plenty more fun races. 

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - This is actually one Liam purchased but I think I may have to have a go. I have never actually played a monster hunter game so I am actually quite intrigued to give it a go and see what it is all about. 

Zelda Breathe of the wild - Another one of Liam's games, I actually haven't played a Zelda game before so don't know what it is all about, maybe one day I may give it a try but who knows? It may not be a game for me.

Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu - I am absolutely loving this game and am actually hoping to get a post up about this in the next few weeks. I have loved Pokémon from a very young age so getting to play it again on such a good console has been brilliant. But I won't go into this too much as the post I am doing will cover my full thoughts on this game.

Stardew Valley - Another one of Liam's games, I actually gave this a go lasted 15 minutes and had enough of it. I just really can't see myself getting into the game at all. I don't know what it is about it but there was just no enjoyment in what I played. Who knows I may go back to it in a few months but for now I won't be playing this.

FIFA 19 - Finally my favourite go to game for when I just want to jump onto the Switch for a short time. It is no secret I love FIFA so of course I had to get this. I have a post coming up about the switch version so I won't go into the game too much but I really enjoy the fact I can now play the game on the go once again, I can play whilst in the car or the garden or even better, I can play from any room in the house.. 

The perfect thing about the Switch is that we can share our games and just jump in and out of them where ever we are, which is one of the reasons this has been my go to console lately. If you look back on previous posts on this blog you will see I have plenty of games I want for the console so fingers crossed I can fly through some of these and finally get buying again.

What games do you have on your Switch? 

See you soon 

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