Last Week #27

Another week has been and gone and unfortunately it was a quiet one for me on the blog. Monday was a bank holiday so that was spent having a picnic with all the family at Ilkley, it was great we spent time playing with the nephew and going in and out of the water. Tuesday was back to reality I was back in work and then to my grandparents after that. The rest of the week was pretty relaxed seen as I was ill but we did manage a trip to the White Rose to get Liam his Hawaiian shirt for my party. I still wasn't feeling well going into the weekend but Saturday I managed to spend 90% of the day getting jobs done around the house and Sunday was my final visit to Odsal to watch the Bulls, I just love rugby league. Overall it has been a pretty good week I could just have done without feeling ill. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: It has been a YouTube filled week just catching up with my subscription box, I am loving all the Minecraft content recently.

Been reading : I keep getting tempted by my Hope Solo book but YouTube draws me in. I really do need to get it read though as Liam bought me a new book the other week.

Been Playing: I hadn't really had time to game last week plus with me not being well I lost a bit of motivation but I did get to play some more Crash Team Racing.

Been listening to : I have had Tegan and Sara's new song on quite a bit as I am on countdown to the album but the main thing I have been listening to is Taylor Swift's new album it is amazing.

Bought : I got a few bits from the PlayStation x Primark range but unfortunately one item has been put away until my birthday (I will be doing some posts on these items once I get all the bits I am after). Other than that we didn't buy much else just some clothes that I had been after for a while but trust me there isn't anything geeky / gaming related about them. 

Plans for this week : It is my party on Sunday so I need to get stuff sorted for that. I am also at a baby shower on Saturday. A women's football match is thrown into the middle of the week but other than it is just a case of getting things done. Ireally want to get plenty of posts sorted for on here.
So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon,

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