Finally Some New Pick Ups

I finally broke my game buying ban and to be honest I think I did it in the best way even though I haven't actually finished games as I have wanted to (slowly making progress though). The only reason I broke it is due to Game having some pretty good deals on recently. First up I got Spiderman for just £24.99 if I remember correctly then just the other week I got Kingdom Hearts 3 for £19.99. It isn't just games that I have picked up lately either as they have had some great deals on merchandise too. I picked up the pink FIFA 19 jersey for just £4.99 and I also got this super cute Tracer soft toy for £7.99, as Tracer is definitely my favourite lately. 

It wasn't just Game I spent plenty in either, the Disney store have had some great products out recently.

I got this Lion King blanket for £25 which is super soft and cosy, I think it might ended up living in the games room so I can get wrapped up and play plenty of games whilst nice and comfortable & warm. The print is brilliant on it too.

Liam then treated me and the nephew to this animatronic Simba but we all know it was really for me. He is really soft and plays music along with saying different phrases. I think he was also £25 but I think the nephew is really going to enjoy it especially as he is growing up. 

Anyone who knows me knows I am absolutely obsessed with Stitch and one thing I love is getting the latest Stitch mugs when I go to the Disney store. I absolutely loved this one as not only does it have Stitch and Scrump on the front but it also has Ohana on the back. You really can't ever have enough mugs especially Disney ones.

See you soon,

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