FUT 35,000 Coin Pack

With FIFA19 coming to an end and me having a whole lot of coins left over without really wanting any specific players or needing any I though I may as well just try my luck with a pack that cost me 35,000 coins. I didn't need those coins so why not see if I could get anything good for it. The pack was 30 cards and here is what I got...

I kept Aurier, Wood and the contract from the above image, as they were the best fits for my team. I didn't really need anything from this but the premier league players could fit in quite well for me. I am happy with my manager Klopp at the moment so I don't need any other managers and I already have far too many keepers.

In terms of the above I kept all these cards as they all come in very handy even as it is coming to an end, I am still playing enough games that I can run out of contracts. Plus I always lose track of fitness so the fitness cards come in handy.

The cards in the above were all quick sold too as I really don't need these as they just don't get used so why not earn a few coins back out of them. 

All in all it was a terrible pack for me with me not keeping much especially for the 35,000 coins it cost me. But as it is nearing the end it was worth it just to see what that could get me, granted if I picked this up mid season I wouldn't have been impressed at all.

See you soon,

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