July 2019 Favourites

Well July was busy month, with the end of the World Cup, plenty of football matches to attend and footballing events to go to, plus I even went to a Gymshark event. But one of the best things about July is the fact I actually managed to get back on my games, granted those games where mainly FIFA but at least I was gaming again. As I said though there was plenty going on throughout the month and here is what I was loving the most...

Film / TV
We actually managed to go to the cinema in July and it was fantastic. That is why 2 of my favourites are finally new releases, first off we saw Toy Story 4, a film I had been waiting to see for years. Toy Story is definitely on of my favourite Disney franchises so when this film was absolutely fantastic I was delighted, I was worried 4 films may have taken it too far but it was absolutely spot on and Forky may just be a new favourite character. The other film I saw we The Lion King, again I was worried that a live action remake may spoil the film but WOW it was amazing, the characters all looked brilliant and it didn't stray too far from the original cartoon version. 

In terms of TV Orange is the new black came back towards the end of the month and I am about 5 episodes in and I just don't want it to end. So far season 7 is already a lot better than 5 & 6 so I cant wait to see how the whole thing ends.

Finally Tegan and Sara are back, it feels like they had gone forever. They have come back with an absolutely amazing song too 'I'll be back someday' has been on repeat ever since it's release I just cant get enough of it. 
I have also been loving KSI's music once again and have loved mainly playing Pull Up and Real Name. Honestly I think KSI is really underrated and I could listen to his music all day.

In regards to tech I haven't had many favourites the main one though has to be my Bliiq earphones which I will be doing a post about very soon as I am in love with them, they are just perfect for the gym, which I have been going to a lot more. Another favourite though is not something I own but something I have been doing... I have been looking at getting into YouTube properly now which has meant I have been looking into equipment I could pick up to help me along the way, the main thing I have been looking at is a microphone but I have also been looking at ways to upgrade my setup.

Finally onto the gaming I have been loving actually sitting down and playing games once again, June was all football literally every day I was watching a game, but July was more of a mixture. I have loved getting back into Minecraft on the PC, playing FIFA again and trying to get into games I want to complete. I can't wait to play more through August.

So there you have it those are my favourites from June what were you loving in June?

See you soon,

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