FUT Squad Battle Rewards Week #10

I actually stayed off FIFA last week but I actually forgot to post the previous weeks squad battle rewards so here they are. To be honest they weren't all that great as I only got to Bronze 1, as I actually played different games for a change. So here is what I got... 

Bronze one doesn't exactly have spectacular rewards but I did get 2 gold packs and 800 coins.

From the first pack I didn't keep much, Only the contracts, fitness nad Prupper card as he may actually work in my squad or at least on the bench. The rest were all quick sold as I really don't need them, especially the kits as I am more than happy to just use my Roma and USA ones from now on. 

In the 2nd pack I actually only kept the contracts and fitness cards as none of the other cards fit what I need. 

FIFA19 has come to the end of its life if I am honest and I can't wait for FIFA20 but until that is released I will definitely be carrying on playing FUT on 19 just so I get my FIFA fix. Are you still playing FUT19?

See you soon

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