Switch Games I am Definitely Purchasing Soon

You may remember back in May I did a post all about the Nintendo games I wanted to add to my collection (you can read it here) well since then I still haven't bought any games but I have been in and out Game whilst also seeing plenty of games on my Twitter which has meant more games have been added to my list of what I really want to play on the Switch which has honestly has become my go to console lately. 

One game that I keep picking up in Game but then keep putting back on the shelf is Mutant Football League. The main reason I put it back is because I really don't need any games at the moment but it for some reason is just really tempting me. To be completely honest I don't even know what it is about but it involves mutants and football (the NFL kind that I also like) so surely it is going to be a game I will enjoy, plus it is a game that I believe will have me thinking due to the fact it is a strategy game. When I have picked it up in Game it has only been around £14.99 which isn't bad at all.

Another game I always seem drawn to is Cat Quest, if I remember correctly this was actually recommended to me by a few people on Twitter and I have been drawn to it since. The fact it is an open world RPG just puts it into the 'I need to play bracket' but it also looks great. It is described as being full of stories and puns, what more could I want. 

A 2D action adventure game is one that definitely needs playing and Hollow Knight looks like the one for me. I have always loved 2D games but haven't played one in quite a while so I think that needs to change. I really aren't keen on repetitive games so when I saw that each area is full of new discoveries I became even more interested, I definitely need to grab a copy of this.

Hellblade is a game I have heard a lot of talk about especially on the PS4, but honestly I think I would prefer to play it on the Switch. It is a game I have only heard good things about so I really want to give it a go myself. Plus it is set in the Viking era which honestly is one of my favourites, I have heard it is a game that you can really get lost in so it could make its way to the top of my to buy list.

To be honest I don't have a clue about Lost Sphear but it looks really interesting from what I have seen online. It seems like a game I could easily get lost in so I think I will be looking into this a lot more in the future and hopefully picking up a copy in the future.

With it being my birthday in just a few weeks I think any money I receive may just have to be spent on a couple of these games, but which should I get first? I also think that seen as the wish list of games on all consoles is getting so big lately, I may just have to create an Amazon wish list for myself so I can keep track of any offers and also priorities which I really want instead of buying for the sake of it.

See you soon 

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