Nintendo Switch Games To Add To The Collection

We have had the Switch since November last year yet still only have a small selection of games. We currently have Let's Go Pikachu, Zelda, Stardew Valley and FIFA, which out of all these I only play Let's Go Pikachu and FIFA. I made it my aim that I can only buy a new Switch game when I have completed another one to stop my backlog getting as out of control as the Xbox and PS4 ones. But thanks to waiting I have had the chance to have a look at the different games and make a list of the ones I really want to add the collection, I aren't just buying games for the sake of it anymore and here are the ones I can't wait to pick up...

Super Dragonball Heroes World Mission seems perfect for me, a card battle game with characters from the Dragon Ball series where you basically collect cards and build a deck whilst playing through the story. This could definitely be a perfect relaxing game for me as I love building decks and battling using what I have built. You can even make your own missions and play online adding a bit more depth to the game. I think this is one I will be waiting to drop in price first though.   

I have a Sword Art Online game for the PS4 (lost song)  and I actually really enjoyed playing it... but then I got a new game and completely forgot about it. Once I saw Hollow Realization Deluxe was coming to the switch I knew I wanted to pick this up and have it available for me to play on the go. Plus with the weather getting better I can even sit in the garden playing this for as long as the switch battery lasts. I actually can't wait to pick this up as Sword Art Online is one of my favourite shows and I really enjoyed the last game I started. 

I had an Adventure Time game but somehow lost it so never actually got to play it. But I have heard they are fun to play so I think it is about time I gave it a go. I used to love this show so if it is even half as good as the show I will be happy.

I spent far too much of my time when I was younger playing Nintendogs and then eventually forgetting them, it was just such a relaxing game. So I can't wait to jump into Little Friends as I can just relax and have all the fun of Nintendogs once again. Plus I can't get a real dog so I may as well just have one on the Switch which would be much easier. 

My Time in Portia is a game I keep picking up when I see it whether that be in Game or Smyths Toys, it's like I am immediately drawn to it. I think it might be due to it being a RPG and I love just jumping in and out of those. I love the crafting elements in games like this and the ability for me to create my character to just how I want it plus you also have the exploring and battling element so there is always plenty to do. I think this will be one of the games I just have on hand to jump in and out of when I fancy a change.

I am a massive Assassins Creed fan and always have been yet III is one I never actually completed so when I saw the remastered edition was coming to the Switch it was a no brainer, I was definitely going to be buying it. I can't wait to sit down and actually get all the way through this game for once.

Finally we have Yoshi's Crafted World, I saw this on Twitter and thought I would download the demo to see if I would enjoy it as I haven't played a Yoshi game in the past. The demo definitely didn't disappoint and now I am desperate to pick up a copy of this so I can play the full game, I just loved  the setting of the game and how fun just that little bit I played actually was.

The best thing with the Switch is I can play it wherever so I don't have to be stuck in the games room to play on it, which gives me more opportunities to actually play so hopefully I can fly through the games completing them and adding them to the collection. 

See you soon 

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