PlayStation x Primark

Primark is most definitely one of my favourite shops, only beat by Game. But one of the best things about Primark at the moment though is their selection of gaming and anime products in the men's department I could easily buy everything I lay my eyes on. They have some fantastic Dragonball jumpers and t-shirts, even pyjamas which I will be picking up hopefully. But the range that is really standing out to me and one I have a couple of items from at the moment is the Primark x PlayStation range. 
Unfortunately though when shopping a lot of the items are sold out so I haven't got everything I had been wanting but the 2 main items I picked up as soon as I saw them as I wasn't missing out on these. The 2 items I got are the Hoodie and the colour block t-shirt. 

The hoodie is one item I saw on the Primark men's Instagram page and told the family to look out for straight away. I loved the colour block details and the logo bold in the centre. I am used to hoodies like this sometimes looking a bit tacky but this one definitely isn't, it feels perfect to me and actually fits really well. My favourite part though is definitely the PlayStation logo tapered on the shoulders, it isn't too in your face but you definitely get drawn to it. This is a hoodie I will wear whilst gaming but even when out and about.

My sister and nephew got me the colour block t-shirt for my birthday a few weeks ago. This goes perfectly with my hoodie but is perfect for those days where it is a little warmer. It is super simple with the logo in the centre then a smaller one on the sleeve but that is what makes it great. Normally I don't go for t-shirts that have a big section of white on them but the way this is at the top is brilliant and it isn't see through like most white tops. This is almost too good just to lounge around in so I will also wear this whilst I am out and about.

The best part about this range to me though is definitely how affordable it is, there is no breaking the bank to get PlayStation items for once. I actually have all my family looking out for the rest of the range for me as I love it so much. Fingers crossed I can find all the items I am after, if our local stores ever get better men's sections. Have you got anything from the range yet?

See you soon,

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