I Am Getting Back To The PC Gaming.

Remember this time last year when I started looking at gaming PC's so I could easily play what I had in my Steam library? Well it is almost a year since I received that PC and WOW it has been neglected. My nights & weekends have either been filled with football, shopping or sorting the house out, but now I am trying to make a change. In the next few weeks work on our new bathroom starts and we are currently half way through sorting out our spare room, so obviously that is a fair bit of money that me and Liam have going out of our accounts plus with Christmas just around the corner we need to try save up so I am hoping to limit shopping trips to only those that are essential & the days out will probably only be to the football. But by doing this it means I should have a lot more time on nights and weekends just to sit down and enjoy the games I own at long last. To help this as well I am going to try manage my time better too set times for blogging instead of every night so I can game more and there is plenty of content to review on here.

So to kick all this off I have spent some time looking through my Steam library to see which games I really fancy downloading onto my PC to get playing at long last. Some of these games I have had for years but have never got around to playing. Here are those games that I am going to be downloading first....

Life is Strange : Before the storm - I have actually almost completed this one (on my old PC) I just need to complete the bonus chapter and this one is ticked off my list. Honestly though I love the game so much I don't understand why I haven't wrapped this one up soon.

Behold the Kickmen - This is possibly my most recent game purchased for the PC and I just need to get it downloaded. Since it is football I definitely can't wait to give it a go. To be honest though I don't know much about this game, just that I saw people on Twitter talking about it.

Borderlands - I have this downloaded and ready to go since me and Liam tried to play this together. But it is safe to say I think I will be playing this alone as things weren't going to plan, I like to look around the game as I haven't played it before where as he has played it and likes to jump straight into things. Maybe we will try play it together again but to be honest I may stick to playing this alone.

Lucius - I believe I got this game all thanks to Dodger, I have definitely had it a long time. I did originally start this game on my old PC however, it just wouldn't run so now is the time to give it a go again and hopefully complete it.

Portal - Yet another game me and Liam started playing together but I believe that was on his Xbox 360, it didn't last long though as I was apparently a nightmare on it. But maybe this is another game I should try get through on my own? Especially with Portal 2 also being in my library.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - This is also a recent purchase and it came from plenty of recommendations on Twitter, I think this game could be an interesting one for me as it is described as a horror action and anyone who knows me will tell you I don't do horror games. Fingers crossed though it is a game I can get lost in.

I am actually really looking forward to sitting down in a nice warm games room in my lovely and comfy  gaming chair to finally sit and tackle my Steam library, I just need to try stay away from any other offers they have on.

What games do you want to finally play on your Steam library?

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