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So it is time to carry on the ones to watch series and today is a quick interview with Kieran from Nintendad, who runs the site which is absolutely brilliant for all things Nintendo. Nintendad has become one of my go to sites for reviews of games & accessories so here is a bit more from Kieran and how got the idea of the site along with some hopes for the future...

TNGG :Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Kieran : Hi TNGG readers, and thanks Lucy for taking the time to reach out to us.
My name is Kieran and I own a little site called Funnily enough, it actually started life as my personal blog but one fateful October morning, I got an email from the PR team at Nintendo, following up to an email I had sent them months prior. Ever since then, the site has been growing exponentially and as things have moved forward, so to has the size of the team. I could actually field a football team now, as I have 11 people contributing to Nintendad. This includes 2 editors, a community manager, a couple of guys who deal with video and talented team of writers to boot.
So to answer your question in a very roundabout way, I'm Kieran, and I collect brilliant people to run my website.
TNGG :What got you into gaming? And what is your earliest gaming memory?
Kieran :This was actually one of my 1st blog posts, talking about this. My parents divorced when I was two and I spent my summer holidays in the South of France with my dad. My mum obviously foresaw me coming back in a bit of a grump so acted proactively. When I returned home to Blighty, there was a gift wrapped in my front room. As I tore through the wrapping paper, I quickly discovered a NES waiting for me with Super Mario Bros. 3. My sister and I played that game to death over the coming months, and while she matured into a proper adult with responsibilities and what not, I never looked back!!

TNGG : What got you involved in blogging about what you do?
Kieran : Funnily enough, my partner started a mummy blog shortly after our daughter was born, to share some of her experiences of parenthood. I thought it would be funny to do a dad blog, the rest as they say, is ancient history.

TNGG : What are some goals you want to achieve from your blog?
Kieran : In all honesty, I've kind of put into place what I wanted to achieve. I consider myself an average writer at best, whilst I have some form of A Level in combined English, I feel that college was a write off and I never made it as far as Uni. I'm more of an ideas guy, and with the write people around me I feel like I can achieve anything, so long as they buy into my vision. When I decided to really run with the idea of Nintendad as an actual game's site, the underlying ethos was too create content that I would be happy to read. I found, at the time with the success of the Nintendo Switch, there were so many similar sites out there.

To quote Jimmy Iovine "I always felt that I had to work harder than the next guy, just to do as well as the next guy. And to do better than the next guy, I had to just kill. And you know, to a certain extent, that's still with me in how I work"

TNGG : What are some of the best experiences you have had thanks to your content so far?
Kieran : Going to Gamescom recently, as a member of the press, was definitely up there. As a kid I'd always dreamed of going to a games show but I never for even the most fleeting moment would have thought I'd have the opportunity to attend, along with all the perks of a press pass. Aside from that, being invited to the post E3 demo of all of Nintendo's upcoming titles, at their UK HQ was wild, as was being invited to a Bandai Namcon event to show off the Witcher 3, at the same location.

TNGG : What is your favourite thing about what you do?
Kieran : I absolutely love finding small companies that make interesting accessories for the Nintendo Switch. I've found some really cool products over the past year and it's always a genuine pleasure interacting with the visionaries who are trying to turn their ideas into reality.

TNGG : In terms of content what are some of your favourite type of posts to do?
Kieran : Would it be weird if I said SEO editing? I obsess on numbers so I love tying to make posts appear as high up in the Google search base as possible.

TNGG : If you could only play 1 game for the rest of your life what would it be?
Kieran : Ooooof! That's a near on impossible question. I think I'd say Dark souls. Maybe by then I'd be able to complete it.

TNGG : Where do you see yourself in the future in terms of your content?
Kieran : More than anything, I hope the people that visit my humble little site enjoy the content we put out. That's the biggest gratification I can take from this. I'd love to take Nintendad to a place where it generates enough money to cover more than the cost of running it, and in turn, I could pay my staff a token fee. That, I would consider a job well done.

TNGG : Where can we find you (i.e social media, YouTube, Twitch etc)

So there you have it that is a little bit more about Nintendad especially Kieran. If you love Nintendo I highly recommend taking a look at the Nintendad site.

Who would you like to see me ask a few questions to in the future?

See you soon, 

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