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Since the start of the year I have been really slacking in the TV I have been watching, there are shows we  started ages ago that I am still trying to get through. This is mainly thanks to any spare time going into my 2 other blogs or getting work done in the house, but now I am going to try limit myself to blogging so many days a week (preferably a few hours on weekends when I don't have much else on or a night after work) and having set days for getting stuff done in the house although there isn't much left to do. So now I want to actually sit down with Liam and get through what we are watching on Netflix or just get caught up on my recordings and DVD boxsets, the living room is nice and cosy on an evening so it is about time I made the most of it. Here are the shows that we are currently working through...

I actually think we are only 3 or 4 episodes into The Witcher and poor Liam is desperate to watch more but I wont let him watch it without me. I am loving the show so far and get that stupid 'Toss a coin' song stuck in my head when I see anything Witcher related at the moment. Fingers crossed we can get through some more episodes very soon as don't tell Liam but I actually miss watching it. 

Hollyoaks is a show that will be running for years to come but I find myself once a week catching up on all my recording of it. I honestly don't know why either because I had never enjoyed it in the past. Poor Liam really doesn't like the show so I try to get caught up either when he is working or in the games room. 

One Tree Hill is a show I was obsessed with growing up, I would make sure I always had E4 on when it was due to start & I would be glued to the series from start to finish. I love it so much that last year we actually picked up the box set, I think I am still on season 1 but it is that long ago since I put the DVD player on I honestly wouldn't know. I can't wait to get back into this and complete all the seasons and basically relive my childhood. 

Fingers crossed I get the Witcher & One Tree Hill finished soon so that I can move onto our forever growing want to watch list. What are you watching at the moment?

See you soon

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