Musicians I am Loving Lately

One thing I am loving at the moment is just opening up my Spotify account and listening to whatever I feel like or even a mixture of the artists I have been loving lately, just making those perfect playlists have been great. I have noticed lately though that I am constantly clicking on the same artists names and just putting their playlists on repeat as the music is just easy to listen to and have on in the background. So here are the artists I am currently loving... 

Camila Cabello is someone I have loved since her Fifth Harmony days but she is just getting better and better as the years go on. Her solo material is absolutely fantastic and I loving her latest album Romance. Not only is she great as a solo artist but her recent collaboration with Shawn Mendes is fantastic and gets stuck in my head for hours on end. 

Halsey is an artist I have loved for years her whole sound is different to anything else I listen to. Her EP's and albums are always on rotation as well as a few of her Vinyl's that I have in my collection. Each album tells a story which is why I think I like them so much but so far I think this latest album could become one of my favourites as 'You should be sad' is an absolutely brilliant song and the full album is such easy listening.

A bit of a surprise entrant on the list is KSI, I love watching him in the Sidemen videos as he is hilarious but his music is brilliant. Whether it is his diss tracks or any of his new songs they always find their way onto my Spotify, in fact KSI is probably one I listen to most when I am gaming. I can't wait for him to bring more music out in the future as if it is anything like 'Knockdown' the music will be great. 

I only have one concert booked so far this year and I am really looking forward to it, me and my sister are going to see Stormzy in September and it can't come soon enough. Stormzy is someone I have loved for years and I don't think it is going to change anytime soon. He has really made a name for himself lately and is even headlining festivals which just goes to show you how well he is currently doing. His new album 'Heavy is the head' is no doubt going to be on repeat until we go see him and no doubt it will be in my Spotify Wrapped at the end of the year. 

Finally we have Taylor Swift who will always be one of my favourites as her music is one of my go to choices. I own most of her work on CD & a few on Vinyl but at the moment I just go onto Spotify type in her name and shuffle. Each album is something different and when on shuffle you can really see how she has developed over the years. If I am just relaxing or reading Taylor Swift is usually my go to.

I am definitely listening to a lot more music whether its when I am gaming, blogging, cleaning or just relaxing it makes a nice change as in the past I would just put a YouTube video on. Can you recommend any other artists I may like? 

See you soon

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