FIFA 20 Pack Opening #2

I haven't done one of these posts for a few weeks now but I have been playing FIFA a whole lot more for a change. It has been great jumping back onto the game but to be honest the rewards haven't been too spectacular at all. Here are the items I have received since I last did a FIFA post... 

 The first pack opened wasn't too bad and I actually kept a lot of the cards for a change. Granted there wasn't many players in here but there were ones that could help me with building my team.

So out of the pack all 3 players were kept, I am quite glad I managed to pack Xhaka as my main team at the moment is currently players from English clubs so he will definitely be getting used. I also kept the 2 French players as I do have a lot of French players in my club at the moment so these are always handy. I even kept 2 kits as I am actually enjoying changing kits every now and again. 

Out of the pack above I only got rid of one card which was the Angers kit as I aren't a fan. 

Next up we have a pack where quite a few cards ended up disappearing and I only kept a handful. I wasn't too keen on this pack to be honest.

So out of all these cards I kept Cleverley as he is English and plays for an English club so he should fit my team pretty well and give me more options. Out of the rest of the pack I only actually kept the contracts and fitness cards as they come in really useful.

As I say from the pack above quite a few cards were quick sold as they just don't fit what I need or I just wasn't interested. 

 Next up like everyone I got to take my pick from some of the loan shapeshifters cards. I don't have a clue what these cards do yet so I am going to have to take a look into that. 

Out of that pack it was a pretty easy choice on who I was going to pick. Of course it had to be Mahrez, granted I only have him for 5 games but hopefully he will fit in well.

 I also some how ended up with a rare player pack thanks to completing objectives. With it being a rare player pack I was looking forward to who it could possibly be. 

I ended up packing Ward-Prowse, I wasn't too impressed but I guess this card isn't too bad as he is English and plays for an English club so this might work in my favour. 

 In the pack above there was definitely a mix of cards and I kept 16 out of 24 cards.

 I literally kept 0 players as none of them were what I needed plus with them being untradeable there was no point keeping hold of them.I did however keep hold of the Heinze manager card as I loved him when he was at Man UTD so I couldn't get rid. I also kept all the contracts and fitness cards as you can't have enough of them. I even found myself keeping the Arsenal badge as sometimes a change of badge doesn't harm you.

So there you have it those are the cards I have packed recently. Have you managed to pack any decent cards?

See you soon 

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