My Disney+ watch list

March 24th finally saw the release of Disney+ for us here in the UK and it has definitely been a long time coming. The release came at the perfect time too as it was the day that the lockdown for the UK begun, 3 weeks stuck inside, don't worry Disney will have you covered. I was a bit wary about getting this straight away as I wanted my time stuck in to be productive not just sat around watching TV 24/7, I want to get games played & reviewed for you all as well as rediscovered new & old tech. But my parents asked if I wanted to get it and go halves so we did.

Me and my sister used to share a DisneyLife account before Disney+ replaced that so we knew that the platform was a good one as we were so used to watching all our old favourites. But the release of Disney+ has brought out new original series, plenty more films & even the Simpsons, for £5.99 you really can't go wrong. 

We are currently a few days in and so far I have managed to be productive but so far I have watched the Incredibles 2 on the platform and had a good look around to see what else I fancy watching. It is safe to say there is plenty to keep me going but here is what I am looking forward to watching first. 

High School Musical : The Series
Growing up I was absolutely obsessed with the High School Musical films so I am really looking forward to seeing how the series plays out. This also has Matt Cornett in it who is also in one of my favourite films, Alex & Me so that is another big reason I will be watching this. No doubt I will end up watching all the High School Musical films too.

The Maladorian
Of course this is top of my list to watch, baby Yoda yes please. I have been looking forward to watching this since all the Americans on my Twitter started sharing screenshots of it & saying how good it is. Now they just need to add more episodes so I can start watching it all in one go.

Phineas & Ferb
This was by far one of my favourite TV shows growing up and I really can't wait to watch it again. The best part about this show is how it packs a lot of great content into just one short episode. With the episodes only been short it means you can just watch them when you have a quick 20 minutes free and are looking for something to do.

Another film in the cinema that I missed out on as I just wasn't too sure about it. But I may as well give it a go whilst it is on Disney+ as I can always just press the exit button if I have had enough. I think this is the way I will watch the majority of the live actions Disney are doing as some I just really aren't sure about.

So there you have it that is my watch list to start with for Disney+ if you have it what are you watching first? Let me know.

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