Will I Be Going Next Gen

We have had plenty of information about the Xbox Series X and a little bit of info about the PS5, but has it been enough to make me consider picking up either?

Growing up I was always a PlayStation girl, I have the 1,2 & 3 and absolutely loved them but then Liam gave me his brothers old Xbox 360 and I shifted to just playing on the Xbox for a long time, but then the next gen was released, at first I really wasn't bothered and I was happy just playing my 360 but then I started being pulled towards purchasing a PS4. At the time I couldn't afford one but my grandparents kindly loaned me the money and in September 2014 I finally picked up a PS4 along with Destiny & The Last Of US. In the same year on Black Friday my sister picked up an Xbox One, she had never been into gaming but she got it to play with her friends and as something to do.

I was loving the PS4, built up a pretty decent collection of games for me to work through, a lot of which still need completing to this day. I loved it that much I would pack it up each weekend and take it to Liam's when I stayed at his. But then I started getting tempted by the Xbox One, I was trying to find deals on them but in the end I bought my sisters off her as she just wasn't playing it and had no interest in it at all. It saved me a lot of money and she had some pretty good games already.

To this day I still play on both these consoles alternating between which I am playing on & trying to get content up on here for you. But since we moved gaming took a backseat whilst we got the house done up. Now we are at the stage though where gaming is definitely taking more of a front seat and I am getting through games for a change & not worrying about decorating rooms.

Now that work in the house is coming to an end it also means more free money so what I am trying to do is put a bit to one side each month and then dependent on how much I have I will be buying the Xbox Series X or the PS5 but if I have saved enough I will hopefully be getting both on day one just to save me from having to make the difficult decision of which I want.

At the moment though I would have to say if it came to it I would be purchasing the Xbox Series X first as I know a lot more about it as they seem to be a lot more forthcoming with information unlike PlayStation where we haven't had much out of them at all.

So to answer the question will I be going next gen? Of course I will it is just a matter of saving up enough money now to get both consoles. I am looking forward to seeing what games are going to be released as exclusives to the consoles too as the PS4 and Xbox One have had some pretty great titles.

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