March 2020 Favourites

Well what a strange month March was, it started off as normal but by the end of it we were in lockdown. This unfortunately meant that I wasn't in work as it was classed as none essential so I have had a lot of free time on my hands since the 24th March. So here are some of my favourites from the month. 

Film & TV

I have spent most of the time blogging for my other blog The Northern Girl now that I aren't in work for a while. But whilst I have been blogging I have had Disney+ on in the background as luckily for us in the UK it came out on the day the lockdown begun. If you have been reading the blog you will see I have made a bit of a watch list and I am slowly working my way through that whilst I am blogging away, it has been great reliving my childhood with some of my favourite shows & films. 


There is only one artist I have been listening to over and over again throughout March and that is Demi Lovato, I haven't actually listened to anything else. Demi released her new single 'I Love Me' in March and it is an absolutely fantastic song that I have had on repeat due to how catchy it actually is. Not only is the song great but the music video is too as it has little Easter eggs throughout it. I have literally just been clicking shuffle through all Demi's albums on Spotify and have had it on it the background throughout the day.


With me being at home I have spent a lot more time sat at my desk and I am absolutely loving having more time on my PC, it is brilliant and I am having no issues at all with blogging away on one screen and having YouTube or Spotify on the second screen. I have even downloaded a few more games on to it too. 

Another tech favourite definitely has to be my old iPad. Since being at home I have been using it as a 2nd screen for my social media but most importantly I have been using it for workout apps. My favourite has been the Nike Training App & I am loving just propping the iPad up & having the workouts on the screen easy for me to see, I could have used my phone for this but I would much rather have it on the bigger screen. 


In terms of gaming favourites it definitely has to be the consoles aka the PS4 and Xbox One. They have kept me sane through the start of this lockdown as my game selection is big enough to make sure I have a decent rotation. My current favourites to play are FIFA 20 on the PS4 as I can just jump in and out it and play plenty of squad battles. On the Xbox I have recently started Yooka Laylee so you may just see a post about that soon.

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of March. What have you been loving throughout the month?

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