Recent Acheivements & Trophies We Have Picked Up #1

Since we have been in this lockdown me and Liam have both been doing a fair bit of gaming, he has played a variation of games where as I have ended up playing mainly FIFA, got to grind for those ranks on squad battles. 

But with me starting to receive some more achievements & trophies thanks to us both playing more often I thought I would bring a new thing to the blog where every few weeks/months I will give a round up of the achievements we have gained between us. There probably wont be loads on each post as to be honest we don't actively go looking for achievements or trophies we just seem to stumble across them. 

But that been said between us we have managed to get quite a few achievements and trophies since this lockdown started mid March and here they are...

In Yooka-Laylee I have managed to pick up 4 achievements and to be honest that might be as many as I get as I am struggling to get into the game, but more on that in another post in the future. These achievements are all pretty basic ones that you are going to pick up by just doing the simple tasks you need to do to get that bit further in the game. 

 I bought Liam The Outerworlds for Christmas and he has finally installed it and looks to really enjoying it. He has managed to pick up quite a lot of trophies whilst playing too which has surprised me, I guess they are quite easy to pick up? As you can see the 3 he picked up above are all common trophies. 

In total so far he has picked up 9 trophies which is quite a lot for the time he has put into the game so far especially as he doesn't actively go looking for the trophies. I wonder if he could end up getting the platinum for this?

Next up we have 2 trophies that I managed to pick up whilst playing far too much FIFA. I already had a few trophies from the game but I have managed to pick up a few more that I didn't really know were on the trophy list. I finally managed to get to gold 3 on squad battle which I never knew there was a trophy for. Plus I finally got a Tifo by playing the game so I got a trophy for equipping that too.

Finally Liam is currently on his second play-through of Far Cry 5, when completing his first last week he managed to pick up 3 more trophies to add to his growing total for the game. I wonder if he could platinum this one too?

So there you have it those are some of the achievements/trophies we have gained these past few weeks, what have you picked up?

Let's hope that next time we check in I will have added a fair few more to my total but no doubt Liam will end up gaining more once again.

See you soon

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