It is Upgrade Time - What Are My Top Options?

Well 2 years has definitely flown by and I now have the option to upgrade my phone again. We are with O2 for work so I had my pick of the phones they had to offer on the pay monthly deals and to be honest I wasn't really impressed. There weren't many options that really jumped out at me but here are the phones I found and why they stood out...

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

This is the phone that I am really tempted by, mainly for it's camera or should I say cameras. This phone has the 13mm ultra wide, 26mm wide & the 52mm telephoto cameras which for me would be fantastic as it would mean I wouldn't always need to take my DSLR out with me if I didn't want to. It also has the 4K video for if I ever wanted to use it (who knows I may start filming some bits for YouTube one day). It even has night mode for taking images which might also mean I can have decent pictures when the lighting is a nightmare, you wouldn't believe the amount of shots that haven't made social media as they have been ruined by lighting. This phone also claims to have more power & battery life than previous so that would definitely be a plus as Apple have got a bit of a rep over previous years due to their battery life. It also houses an A13 bionic with neural engine which is apparently the fastest chip in a smartphone so surely performance wise it should be miles above my iPhone 8. This phone also has Face ID where it doesn't store or share your photo which makes it the perfect phone for privacy, Face ID could be brilliant for me as it means only I can get into it, meaning the nephew can't randomly reply to my messages & it just makes everything seems so much protected that in previous phones.

 Apple iPhone XR

The phone tempting me away from the 11 Pro the most is the iPhone XR. This phone has a liquid retina display which is apparently the most advanced LCD in the industry, it also claims to have a faster Face ID, so logging in could be a bit quicker for me. This phone also apparently has the most durable front glass ever & is water and dust resistant, which for me could be a lifesaver as I am a liability with my phone usually although this 8 is doing well. This phone does have the A12 chip though where as the 11 Pro has the A13. It has the ability to record 4K video but it just has the 1 camera on the back.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The last Samsung phone I had was the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge but then I went straight for the iPhone 8. But the S20 is starting to draw me in, the front camera is 40MP then on the back there is a 12MP Ultra Wide camera, 108MP Wide Angle camera & 48MP telephoto camera. You can also take videos at 8K at 24FPS. This phone also has a edge to edge 6.9 inch Infinity-O display which will make binge watching Netflix/YouTube that bit easier as there are no holes in the display whilst you are watching. The phone has a 5000 mAh battery meaning you have plenty of battery but if you are running low you can always charging it quickly with the super fast charging. This phone is also 5G ready already so once this is ready in your area this phone would be perfect. I know 5G is very controversial so I don't know how much that is going to help sell this phone but at least it is all ready for when 5G does roll out properly.

So which did I pick? Well keep your eye on the blog as I will be doing an unboxing once I receive the phone. Which phone would you pick out of these 3?

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