FIFA Pack Opening #3

One good thing that has come from this lock down is the fact I have much more time for gaming at the moment due to the fact I aren't working at the moment. I had great intentions of making a dent in my backlog however, that hasn't worked out as I have ended up hooked on FIFA once again. Here are some of the rewards I have picked up over the past few weeks thanks to getting plenty of games played & completing plenty of objectives...

One of the favourite cards I got actually was this Tammy Abraham card which I got in a rare player pack. Honestly I think he is the best card I have packed in a while which will actually fit my current team.

Out of this next pack I only kept Tosun & the consumables as they were the only ones that were going to benefit me in any way at all as the consumables are always handy and Tosun is a premier league card. 

Again in this next pack I only kept Kouyate and the consumables as they were the only cards that were of any benefit for me.

This pack was possibly my worst over the few weeks as no players really benefited my team although I did keep Chandler as I am slowly getting more and more USA players so he may come in handy at some point I also kept Cairney as he plays at an English team. Other than Chandler & Cairney the only things I kept again are the consumables.

Nakamba is another player I got through a rare player pack. Again the only reason he was kept is because he is a Premier League player. 

Again another pack that didn't give me much other than consumables and the 1 player which was Ritchie, who again was only kept as he is a Premier League player.

I take it back I think this was my worst pack, as 0 players made the cut and I got rid of them all, although I did keep the consumables again as you can't have too many. 

Finally another pretty back pack where really only the consumables were kept. Although I did keep Nacho just because of the name I have to admit.

So there you have it those are the cards I packed over the past few weeks. What have you packed?

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