What's In My Bag - Workday Edition 2020

I always take a backpack with me to work and it is filled with snacks, lunch and things I use for my blog on my lunch break. I feel lost if I don't take my bag and honestly having my items for blogging with me helps me stay on track.

Obviously at the moment I aren't working due to the lockdown so there is no need to have a bag as most stuff are now by my PC desk but here is what is going to be in my bag when I get back to the office...

Laptop / iPad

These are essential for me to still be productive on lunch time. I will take my laptop if I have blog posts/articles to write where as if I am just wanting to catch up on emails or social media I will just take my iPad.


This is always handy to have if I don't fancy gaming or blogging on my lunch which can happen sometimes. The book could literally be related to anything but the magazine is nearly always the PlayStation magazine. I have found that when I am in the mood I can power through books and this is mainly when I don't fancy doing anything else.


This is a new one that I am adding because if I don't fancy writing on my lunch break I can always sit and make my way through a game on the Switch for that 45 minutes I have each day, that is if Liam hasn't taken the Switch to work with him. Not only does this mean I finally get through that backlog but it also means more gaming content for you guys.

Notepad & Pen

I always have to have a notepad and pen with me because I could end up getting ideas for the blog at any moment. I actually take 2 with me, one little one for any of the blogs where I will then transfer the idea to the right notepad for that blog. I will also take an A5 notepad each day which will be specific for the blog I am working on that lunch time. This way I can make notes for the posts, track stats or make lists of things that I need to do or follow up.


I always like to have a snack in my bag just in case I get hungry at work. Normally it would be a breakfast bar but lately I have only been snacking on protein bars or chocolate raisins. I can't be leaving the house without a snack so this is one of the first things I pack on a morning.

The essentials

Obviously in my bag I have what I class as the essentials so in here I keep an inhaler just in case I ended up needing it, I also have my keys and wallet in here when they aren't just dumped in my pocket but honestly they spend more time in my pockets.

Once I get my new laptop, hopefully only a few months away there might be a few more items added but for now this is all I need to work on my blog or relax at work on my lunchtime.

Keep your eye on the blog because there will be a few more editions to the what's in my bag series over the year as different items get taken to different things such as events or long car journeys that lead to a holiday. So my bags often change to suit what I need to take, it is a good thing that I keep buying all these backpacks then.

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