Moving Out 1st Impressions

This game has been kindly gifted to me from the team at Team 17.

If you remember back to mid march I did a post which was the new releases I wanted to buy this year, well at the top of that list was this game which I was lucky enough to be sent. So what does the game say 'Become a certified removals master in this action, puzzle, physics based moving simulator that brings new meaning to couch co-op.'

In moving out you can play alone or with friends but if you do pick up a copy of the game I seriously recommend you playing with friends as it makes the game much more enjoyable and adds new challenges. Me and Liam haven't played a game together in years, the last game we played together was Portal 2 and he gave up on that as I couldn't follow instructions. But this game has been brilliant together so far trying to get a sofa down a narrow hallway and into a van is actually pretty fun although I am terrible at going the right way we get there in the end.   

It is easy to blame going the wrong way on the controls though as I find them quite sensitive, I don't know if it is a case of the classic Joy-Con drifting or if it is just how sensitive it is. Press that pick up button slightly early and you can end up picking anything up. Move a little too far right and you can end up totally stuck in a doorway. 

I started playing the game on my own on the actually switch and the graphics were great but since we have been playing 2 player it has been hooked up to the TV and on the big screen the cartoon style graphics are brilliant.

Even the music on the game is pretty relaxing and enjoyable although you probably won't hear much of that as you will be too busy giving those you are playing with instructions and laughing at any fails that occur. 

What makes the game so fun though is how random it actually is. From the characters to what you can actually do to get the items out of the houses and into the moving van. Currently I am a purple chameleon who does the robot and Liam is having fun changing through the characters we unlock, so far he has been a guy with a toaster head, a guy with a ramen noodle pot head and a unicorn, with more characters to unlock you are also finding something stranger. Getting things out of the house can be great too as it is basically no holds bard, break windows, throw the items do anything you like to  get those items in the back of the van. Don't get too comfortable though as there are also plenty of obstacles that can slow you down, from cars, water to animals there can be plenty of surprises so don't get too confident too soon. One of your biggest challenges is definitely going to be trying to fit everything into the van, you need to be smart when just throwing things as we have found out on a few occasions. 

There are plenty of different themes that you are going to play through and different environments can definitely help you, so make sure to use those environments to your advantage as it can definitely speed up your times. 

Currently we are playing through all the houses trying to unlock the next ones then we will definitely be going back to try improve on our times, you can earn a bronze, silver or gold medal depending on what time you get, with times to beat to gain each medal. I can't wait to get the rest of the family playing it too because I think my dad would enjoy this game and he hasn't played games in ages. He would probably help us out a lot too as we say he packs things like Jenga already so he can be in charge of packing the van. 

I would definitely recommend picking up a copy of this game as it is fun for all the family and will provide hours of fun. The games is available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox One and starts at just £24.99.

This game has been kindly gifted to me by Team 17 but all thoughts and opinions in this post are 100% my own.

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